How is the Lake Chapala Dream Team Like a Group of Dolphins?

December 15, 2010

How is the Lake Chapala Dream Team Like a Group of Dolphins?
There are numerous reports of Dophins helping people that are either in trouble or close to getting in trouble.
Dream Team members are each and every one Exclusive Buyers’ Only Realtors who have made the decision to give up as much as half of the normal compensation they otherwise might receive by both listing and selling properties available within the MLS system.
Why give up such a large portion of a possible commission?
Simple really. They each correctly believe that the potential buyer should have his own professional representative to look after his/her best interests.
Think about it, if you were sued by someone would  you think that the other side’s attorney would also be on your side and impartial and represent your best interests?
Of course not. You might choose to represent yourself, but there’s an old saying that has a lot of truth to it, “He who represents himself has a fool for an attorney.”
It just makes good common sense to use an Exclusive Buyers’ Only Realtor …
and the cool part is there’s no charge to you for his/her service as they ultimately receive a small portion of the commission paid to his listing agent’s broker.
So now you know why you want to use a Buyers’Only Realtor!
But,a Dream Team Exclusive Buyers’ Only Realtor is more than just your usual Buyers’ Realtor, a lot more !
They’re your helper, protector and teacher and do a lot more than just showing you homes and hoping you’ll buy one.
They help you to evaluate your needs, look at homes for you with a critical eye, it’s prospects for future apprecation, and helping you every way, in every step of the way before, during and after the sale.
Another very important responsibility is protecting you from the Sharks at Lake Chapala (the Metaphorical ones at least which s the only kind we have here).
Sharks strike when you least expect it, they come in all sizes and viciousness and often in the guise of a friend, including unscrupulous fly by night type real estate agents, builders who claim to be competent , but are anything but, and well meaning, but inexperienced service providers of all stripes.
The Dream Team members are all members of our local Professional Real Estate Group referred to locally as (GIL) ,  members of the National Mexican Professional Real Estate group referred to as AMPI, and all have taken and passed the GIL required Real Estate Course and passed the Exam.
So best to swim with the Dolphins rather than take a chance in swimming even near the sharks.
Don’t wind up in this situation.


Much better to have some helpers on your side watching over you, monitoring possible danger signs,  and preventing any possible attacks like the dolphins In the video below are doing.

So, there you have it. Now you know how the ChapalaClub Dream Team are like a Group of Dolphins.
Want a Dream Team member on Your Team? Send me an e mail to (AOL users may need to use
Please put Dream Team in the subject line so I an find your e mail quickly and respond to you quickly. All for now, Siempre tu amigo,


  • Arlene Cooney

    RE Dream Team

    Sid – Carlos and I were so lucky to have read this website and to have found you – you made our purchase of a home so easy and
    pleasant and the group at Chapala Realty were super and very professional – now 3 months later we went in for a visit and saw Barbara there – you were away and we missed Marvin – we were
    treated like old friends – told if we needed to make a call home just to come to the office – what a wonderful experience we had with all of your group – but we sure missed seeing you. Once again, thank you for all your help in buying our home – I hope people will take advantage of your knowledge to purchase a home there and make a life long friend at the same time!!

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi CArol and Arlene, WOW, What nice comments.

    Sorry I missed you guys as well, We had a good safe trip to Texas. No bad guys in site. A few more Federales in marked Police Cars on the toll roads (which made us feel even more secure.)

    Crossed going and coming at the Columbia Bridge near Laredo and as always it was a pleasant experience.

    Thanks again for the very nice words.I’ll pass them along to our team.

    Tu amigo, Sid

  • Lori White

    Here is another recommendation for Sid and his team! Sid spent days driving us around and showing us not only homes but the different areas of the lake as well. Sid is an honest, caring and dedicated real estate professional who made our dream of purchasing a home in Mexico an easy reality! He even took care of all the details of closing and everthing was handled expertly and effectivly. We wouldn’t buy through anyone else! Cheers to Sid,
    Greg and Lori White
    Ontario Canada

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Lori and Greg, WOW,

    I may not be able to get my trede mark cap off my head for several days as my head is swelling up fast now with so many wonderful testimonials close together.

    It was a pleasure to help you guys and I look forward to having you as neighbors. By the way check when you arrive at the Fracc Office.

    If you pay dues for all of next year they may still have the discount policy in effect. Saves money and you avoid having to remember to go pay each month by just paying for a year at a time.

    Thanks again, Siempre tu amigo, Sid

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