How Is the www,ChapalaClub Dream Team Like a Water Filter Company?

January 12, 2011

How is the’s Dream Team Like the Brita Water Filter’s Customer Service Dept?


Once upon a time there was a guy who heard the commercial for a Brita Water filter that once attached to a kitchen faucet  would produce clean , pure, and almost free sparkling drinking water.
He ordered one and he was almost like a  kid when it arrived, He eagerly opened the box brought right to his doorstep by the friendly UPS man.
But then, try as he would, he just could not get the thing hooked up to his faucet..
He was not just unhappy, he was mad. He was one of those people that when a product he’s ordered isn’t just right, instead of going to the trouble of boxing it all back up and returning it at his expense to the seller for a re-fund, he just puts it in the pile for his next garage sale and chalks it up to experience.
But, this time he decided to do something. He noticed a toll free number in red for the firm’s customer service department.
He decided that even though he didn’t expect anything more than return Instructions he would call anyway.
To his surprise, a native English speaker answered the call promptly. He didn’t have to push any buttons on his telephone to navigate through a confusing array of recorded choices or anything like he expected.
He told the lady who answered that the filter would not fit his faucet with the included attachments. She asked him to describe his kitchen faucet  which he did. Turns out it was very old and was no longer sold.
Just when he though she was going to give him return instructions she said, “Don’t worry sir, I’ll send you the proper connector for your faucet right away.”
To his surprise 2 days later the same UPS man stopped by with a package sent priority air express prepaid,
He opened it and low and behold, it was the attachment he needed. In less than 10 minutes he had it all hooked up and was enjoying a glass of clear, clean , sweet smelling water.
The taste the nice folks at Brita left in his mouth was sweet too.
This is the more than you expect, over the top, under promise and over deliver service you can expect from the dream team.
But, don’t take my word for it, read just a few of our testimonials.
"Thank you two so much for sharing our first Thanksgiving in Mexico, it made it so special for us.
We all have much to be thankful for but this year we are especially thankful for Sid and Arcelia, for making this life altering move so much simpler. 
Sid; you do so much more than find people homes… you help find them new lives in a new land.  
We will cherish this Thanksgiving for years to come".
Carola & Ernesto.
"Sid I've taken up so much of your time in the past that I feel a bit guilty, but I do enjoy your company, and your good info. 
As I keep up with the web board I am amazed at how many questions people ask-and that I already know the answer to due to you!
take care,"
Lloyd Vickery
Denver, Colorado
"I think your website is excellent and the newsletter as well. It was so like I received a letter from a personal friend that I almost wrote you a long letter back. What I’m also finding out is that you aren’t high pressure like some agents we’ve been with in SMA.
 Many thanks…"  Jim DeWitt, Texas
“Here is another recommendation for Sid and his team!
Sid spent days driving us around and showing us not only homes but the different areas of the lake as well.
Sid is an honest, caring and dedicated real estate professional who made our dream of purchasing a home in Mexico an easy reality!
He even took care of all the details of closing and everything was handled expertly and effectively. We wouldn’t buy through anyone else! Cheers to Sid,”


Greg and Lori White
Ontario Canada
These are just a handful of the many testimonials we receive.
Are we always this good?
We do try to be and that’s certainly our goal, but , being human we may on rare occasion drop the ball.
However, like the Brita folks we’ll do our very best to make it right, do it quickly and at no expense to you.
Give us the chance to prove our service to you.
Each and every one of us are Exclusive Buyers’ Only Realtors. We only represent buyers.
So, we’re always on your side 100% of the time.
We’re never even tempted to divide our loyalties between buyer and seller because we never represent sellers.
I saved the best part for last. You never pay us for our services.
·        That’s right. You see, the seller’s broker shares part of the commission she receives for her marketing services with the Broker we use to process our sales and he in turn shares some of what he receives with us.
So, give the Dream Team the opportunity to leave  a sweet taste in your mouth too, just like we did for the for the folks who took the time to tell us so above.
Let’s get started, call me today, at 1  877 514 1386 and I’ll hook you up with one of the Dream Team ladies that are experts in making your dreams come true.
If I don’t answer the phone that's because I’m out making dreams come true too, so leave a message because we want to help make your dreams come true, just like we have with so many others.
I’ll return your call ASAP.
For the Dream Team.
Tu amigo,


Email for more information:

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