Sid Hits a Home Run at Lake Chapala !

March 5, 2011

Hi Everyone, We all have an ego, but mine today is larger than usual and the buttons are popping off my shirt.
What’s the point of receiving a great testimonial and not sharing it, right.
So, if you’re still a new friend or new to Chapala Club then pleaseeee read the below e mail sent to me by a new friend, Phil C. who’s giving serious thought to moving to Lake Chapala.
Phil's e mail to me is quoted here with his permission.:
If you are reading this, then I am sure you are curious about Lake Chapala and the great expat community that has evolved there. If you have never visited the area but are considering it as a place to investigate, whether as a great year around getaway or with retirement in mind, I have a discovered a great resource you should contact first. His name is Sid Grosvenor.
With over 10 years experience as a resident, community leader and real estate professional, Sid Grosvenor is far and away the best, most experienced person to give you an introduction to the area, its culture, the lay of the land and especially the real estate market.
From the moment I arrived in Guadalajara, Sid made my trip pleasurable, informative and memorable His dedication to helping me find exactly what I was looking for went far beyond what I had any reason to expect. While driving through the quaint and narrow streets that run through the charming village of Ajijic, Sid took the time to listen to my needs and made a clear plan as to what to show me. 
This is the distinct advantage of working with a buyers' only Realtor.
Sid gave me a complete tour of the north shore of Lake Chapala, from the village of Mezcala, a lake shore town slowly making the transition to the 21st century where we saw the cows marching home for afternoon milking, to the busy streets of Jocotepec and all the villages, communities and developments in between.
I was able to see firsthand what life along Lake Chapala was all about. Only someone who is passionate and involved in his community can impart such a thorough picture of what awaits you should you decide to make the Lake Chapala area your home.
Sid took time to explain what each area was about, the good features, as well as the bad. What impressed me most about Sid is was his desire to be completely frank about aspects of Mexican living that might not appeal to some North Americans.
He was able to explain in detail how to deal with Mexican requirements for residency and property ownership. When I had questions about some of the intricacies of dealing with Mexican law that he could not answer, he introduced me to people with the specific knowledge to answers my questions.
Another facet of Sid's experience with the environs of Chapala is his knowledge of local fare. The village of Ajijic offers everything from a real 'home cooked' meal of sopes, carnitas, tacos and tostadas that I enjoyed at a table set on the street in front of a Mexican resident's home, to a lovely French Gourmet dinner at Laurent's in the Casa Blanca hotel.
There is something for every palate in Ajijic; from a Sports Bar dominated by US and Canadian residents to a small corner bar, where I was the only Gringo in sight. Sid knows them all and will give you a complete rundown.
One of the pleasures of Lake Chapala area is taking the time to find your own favorite spots. I prefer the warm atmosphere and simple yet delicious local cooking. Every place I went I people greeted me with warmth and understanding even though my Spanish leaves something to be desired.
One of the best things about having Sid at your side is his attitude that you have no formal obligation to him whatsoever. He is willing to tailor your experience to your needs, not his. He understands that once you appreciate what he has to offer, you will rely on him and his team should you decide to purchase a home at some point at Lake Chapala.
Thank you, Sid for a wonderful and enlightening experience. I would like to share with you and your readers that my experience with you went beyond all expectations. While most real estate people want to move you to close a sale as soon as possible, rarely do I find someone that understands that a seed planted today can turn into a tree that bears fruit for years to come, as you do.
Your expansive market and cultural knowledge make you the premier resource for anyone wishing to learn about the Lake Chapala region.”
I promise to do my best to make you as happy as I obviously made Phil with our servcies.
All for now. Tu amigo,


  • Michael

    Great picture Sid!!

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Michael, Thanks for the kind words. I grew up on the super heroes (jumped from roof tops with a towel draped over my back as a superman cape), and later became the Captain of the school crossing guards complete with white helmet and belt and red flag to help the little kids get safely across the street.

    About the same time I was into the Cowboy heroes like Roy Rogers and a bit later Joe Friday on Dragnet was a not to mess TV show. I guess looking back it was inevitable that I would gravitate to being a police officer and actually earn a living helping people as one of the “Good Guy”, When I got promoted to Sergeant I even got to wear a “White Hat” .

    No more white hats, but I still love helping people and being a hero of sorts to my clients. Thanks again, Tu amigo, Sid

  • Arlene Cooney

    Amen to Phil – We had the very same informative and pleasurable experience with Sid – he is the BEST!

  • Sid Grosvenor

    WOW, Arlene, My cup is running over. You made this an even more special day than it already was. Just conformed another sale this morning.

    Thank as always for you kind words and friendship. Tu amigo, Sid. Best to Carlos.

  • Jim DeWitt

    My wife and I are laid-back Austinites and wanted a place in laid-back Mexico. Found Ajijic on the internet. We were blessed to find Sid too. We had exactly the same experience as Phil and that was 4 years ago. Sid was instrumental in us buying our home and if you think TLC is involved BEFORE the sale, hang onto your hats DURING the process because you are in for a top-notch hand-holding w/Sid who will lead you every step of the way and explain anything and everything in laymans terms. I’m not saying it was /enjoyable/ because of all the legalize but Sid was up front and riding point with everything we had to do. He IS the best in what he does and we’re thrilled to have had him at our side during the process and to call him our friend. Jim DeWitt

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Jim, Wow, I started something. Thanks for you additional kind words.

    You guys were very easy to work with.

    I’m proud to have you as friends and look forward to deloping our friendship over the years to come. Thanks again, Tu amigo, Sid

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