What Can a Waitress Teach You About Choosing a Lake Chapala Realtor

May 21, 2011

Almost 50 years ago, I learned a valuable lesson about personalized service from a waitress when I was a cook at Kips Restaurant in Dallas.
One waitress, we’ll call Mary,  (I forget her real name now) would single out one of the bus boys that looked eager to do a  good job (let’s call him Joe) and tell him something like this.
“Joe, If you make my job a lot easier by clearing my tables as soon as the customer leaves, help me by keeping their water glasses filled (back when you actually got cold water automatically), and keep my bread baskets full of warm rolls, I can do a much better job of helping my customers.
By doing a better job and giving more value to them than the other waitresses  and treating them extra special  they’ll have a wonderful  meal, tell their friends and  come back and ask for my station.
I’ll reward you with more tips than the other busboys get. In other words, we can be a team. What do you think?"
Mary and her special bus boy always had happy customers, job security, and yes, they earned a lot of tips.
Why?  Easy to see why isn’t it?  Mary was able to give her customers better, faster service and the experience of eating out was a pleasurable one, as it should be. Mary always had plenty of customers.
Now, here’s the take away for you. When you become a client of ChapalaClub.com’s Exclusive Buyers’ Only Realtor Services; myself and our team are going to do everything in our power to smooth the way for you, to take the mystery out of the process, to be completely on your side; and like Mary, we promise to give you better, faster service and make the home buying experience a  pleasurable one, as it should be.
We don’t expect any tips, but we would, like Mary, hope you would tell your friends about us, and come back to see us often.
Let me know when we can help. Sid@ChapalaClub.com
Tu amigo,


  • http://www.dundeemanor.com Brad Cunningham

    Sid– I have had the pleasure of meeting you on a few occasions–This is an observation which I am sure you know and must stay politically prudent. We bought a place Lakeside about 2 years ago after researching for 3 or four years and trips down. Finding a place was challenging but fun. My concern is specifically that when we hired the reccommended Home Inspector how it was handled. When we arrived at the property to start the ispection we were told that the inspector had arrived early to start the process–so when we arrived a a selected time the Gardner the property manager and the ispector were all there. This was way to over whelming. This appeared to be a set up with the realtors–we wanted to go thru everything with the ispector and mentioned this and told this is standard–well when asked for a written copy of the inpection this would cost more–Asking simple questions how does the stoves work –and told that no propane so he couldn’t test-them–anwer to them is to get some.
    At any rate NO BUYER SHOULD LET THIS TEAM PUT THEM IN THAT POSITION-AND STOP THEM. You as a “Buyers Agent” I am sure know this. So when we moved in knowing nothing several things were wrong and we felt betrayed and angry. Learning curve is fine but dishonesty and manipulation is unspeakable. Warn Your Buyers not to let anyone put them in this position including their Realtor person—-Note One of us is a Realtor in California and expected more–Would we do it again–No-

  • http://www.chapalaclub.com Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Brad,

    Sorry you had a negative experience with your home inspection. The inspectors I refer my clients to have
    never had such complaints as you describe.

    There are not as many consumer protection laws in Mexico and finding and relying upon solid professionals is a must.

    You just mad a very important reason to use an Exclusive Buyers’ Only Realtor whose loyalty is 100 % to the buyer (his or her clients) and represents their best interests.

    Myself and the three ladies on our team are all 100% Exclusive Buyers Only Realtors and members of our local MLS Realtor group. There are just 5 Realtor members now out of over 130 Reators in our local MLS group. So our team accounts for 4 of the 5. Oh, I should add that there’s no charge for our Real Estate Services. We receive a small part of any real estate commission paid to the sellers broker.

    We also can deal with homes sold directly by the owner (FSBO) as your Representative to keep you from getting burned with a bad inspection or otherwise.

    Thanks again for your comments. Tu amigo, Sid

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