Tornadoes and Record Breaking Floods, but Not at Lake Chapala

May 18, 2011

I was visiting the USA a few weeks back and picked up a copy of USA Today and read the headline on page 3A, “Storms tear through South, kill 72”.

The article was, written by William M. Welsh and Doyle Rice. Let me quote some of the artcle here:
“ A vicious series of tornadoes and powerful storms lashed the South…killing at least 72 people in the region leaving behind a trail of massive damage.”

More recently, I’ve been watching with horror US Television showing the devastating floods along the Mississippi River.
It seems that it just keeps getting worse by the day. The natural disasters some say will likely push the price of food and gasoline even higher.
My prayers are with all those suffering in these areas.
I admit that reading the article and seeing the TV news accounts made me even more thankful that I live here at Lake Chapala where the worst weather is just a few weeks in early summer when it gets a little warm before the summer rains begin to keep us cool and refreshed for the rest of the summer.
On May 14th our high was 84.4 F, and On May 15th it was 87.3 F. with breezes of 7 to 11 mph. So, we just get in the shade in the afternoon, perhaps sipping on a tall cool glass of our favorite iced beverage, and if there’s no breeze (very rare) we may turn on the ceiling fan.
Want to know what the weather is doing at Lake Chapala as you read this article?
Just go to the following link:
Let me know when I can help with more information about our wonderful area by sending me an e-mail to Sid@ChapalaClub.


  • Marilyn Bell

    Hi Sid,
    I’ve been wondering if it’s a problem getting mail from the States to Mexico. Is there mail delivery or do you go to a post office? Just wondering.
    Thanks for being there to help us make decisions on the idea of becoming an expat.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Marilyn, Thanks for your questions and for your kind words for me.

    We do get delivery to our homes, but the mail is not as dependable here as in the USA or Canada. House numbers seem to be assigned at random and so it’s not so easy for the ail carriers to find you.

    I get my telephone bill and cell bill delivered to my home and the occasional letter from the USA.

    Many people rent a mail box at the post office in Chapala or Ajijic and just go there to pick up their mail. Again service from the USA and Canada is quite slow, but improving.

    No one sends anything of intrinsic value since the mail security is not very secure unless the letter is regsstered.

    Many folks don;t knw it, but you can just have mail sent to “lista de correo” with the post office city and Mexican codigo de postal (General delivery to the City and zip code of the City in Mexico.)

    You just put your name on a list at the post office. No charge for this service. BUt, most people rent a mail box for a small fee.

    If you get important mail on a regular basis from outside Mexico then you should consider renting one of the International Mail boxes.

    Here’s a link to one of the articles here on that explains how this works.

    For out going mail you can use the Mexican Mail system or one of the International mail centers. You use US stamps for the International centers and Mexican stamps if you use a Mexican Post office.

    It’s about a week to 10 days to get a letter from here to the USA or Canada using an International center and 10 days to 2 weeks to use a Mexican Post office.

    I regular receive my mail several times a week using Handy Mail in San Antonio Tla. between Chapala and Ajijic . See the article above link for more information on their services.

    Tu amigo, Sid

  • Arlene Cooney

    Hi Sid – I get a lot of supplements from the US and some of them say they won’t deliver any where in Mexico – I am wondering how I will handle this because they are part of my maintenance program due to my illness. Any ideas or suggestions?

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Arlene, Because of all the bad news about Mexico some shippers are reluctant to ship to Mexico. Here my solution for you.

    Find another vendor that will ship. Or, rent a mail box from Mail Box Etc. here (expensive if you will not be receiving but say one package a month or less frequently as they will accept packages at their Laredo Texas address for forwarding to their office in San Antonio, Tla.

    Two other options. Order a yer supply of your product before coming down to stay permanently. Vitamins do not as far as I know have a duty charge. I’d have a not from my doctor saying the vitamins have been prescribed.

    I’\use to bring in a years worth at a time (I take a lot of vitamins and they’re hard to find and expensive here). When crossing the border the customs inspectors obvious did not like the amount I was bringing in but reluctantly let me pass without paying duty. I did not have a doctors note which I think may have helped.

    I did this two different years and (stored them here in a a cool dry place with no deterioration that I could discern until I found that could ship them to Mexico with no duty but a higher shipping cost due to the distance.

    Finally you can have them shipped to a friend who can remove their name from the shipping container and put your address here at Lake Chapala on the front and send them to you via US Mail, UPS, or Fed Ex since they all
    delivery here.

    My reference would be UPS. I’d use a location easy to find like your Handy Mail Street address if you use their service.

    Less likely to get lost in shipment of you have a street address easy to find in our area that can hold the package until you pick it up.

    Then, invite your USA friend to come down for a visit and take them to the Spa in San Juan Cosala, to a nice meal at Tango Ajijic, and a Ferry Boat Ride on Lake Chapala.

    Hope one of these solutions will work for you. Best to Carlos.

    Tu amigo, Sid

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