Gas Pump Prices are Pumped Up All Over North America, but not at Lake Chapala

June 8, 2011

Watch this short news video about gas prices in North America, then read the article below to see just how much you could save if you lived at Lake Chapala, Mexico.

Tired of sky rocket high gas prices in where you live?

Ours prices at the pump have slowly climbed a bit higher too here at Lake Chapala and are now at 9 pesos a liter or approximately $3.00 US a gallon.

I was recently reading a story in USD Today (April 28, 2011) written by Gary Strauss where he stated that drive off gasoline thefts are on the rise all over the USA. 

As I write this article in May 2011 regular gas in Washington State is $4.04 gallon and in Montreal Canada a liter of gas will set you back $1.65 Canadian. Since we have a large number of North Americans living here at Lake Chapala I decided to do a little math and see just how much those of who live here are saving each time we fill up over what we would be paying if we still lived up north.

I had to convert exchange rates, and in the case of the USA form gallons to liters. I used my own car as an example. It holds 18 gallons so I used this as a base and calculated how much it costs me to fill-er up here at Chapala compared to filling it up if I lived in Montreal or Washington State.

Here’s how it turned out after all the calculations: Using the Canadian exchange rate of 12.10 pesos per Canadian Dollar and 11.73 pesos per US Dollar it would cost you $47.68 Canadian to fill up an 18 gallon (68.14 liters). It would cost $49.21 USD to fill the 18-gallon tank.

The savings figure out to be $23.51 USD or 32% less to fill up here at Lake Chapala over Washington State. The savings over filling up in Canada come to $64.75 (Can) for a whopping 57% savings.

So there you have it. Just another way to save money at Lake Chapala, Mexico. So, what are you waiting for? Come on down and start saving money each and every day on a whole range of products.

You can do it. I can help.


  • DannyM

    Sid. While I do appreciate your efforts here, I felt I should comment. As a guy who has travelled across 75% of Mexico many time over 18 years, Yes, I love the Chapala-Ajijic area – especially Jocotopec – but I pay US$2.54/US gallon in Niagara Falls, NY. I am simply appalled to pay the same in Mexico, home to Rowan Gorilla oil rigs for more than 40 years.

    Also, when blogging to both Americans and Canadians like myself, it is nice if you could note both US and Canadian gallons. BTW Toronto is running $1.20 a litre right now, so $5.40 to the Canadian gallon = $4.80 to the US gallon…so even with our weak Canadian dollar, that is still US$3.70/US gallon for Americans to fill up in Canada.

    …but, I digress. Ok, it’s high in Washington state, so you can wave the Chapala flag (I say respectfully), but if I am paying US$3.70/US gallon in Canada, and US$2.54 a gallon in Niagara Falls, NY, why the heck am I paying US$3.00 in Chapala, Mexico? …and how did 4-5 street tacos ever get to $45MN? Government greed? Too many expats? You tell me…please. :)

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