Chicken Soup for Sid’s Soul & Perhaps Your’s as Well

July 16, 2011

I've always liked Chicken Soup. My Mom used to fix it a lot.  I still like it.

Speaking of Chicken Soup, I recently had the opportunity to spend all day learning from a guy who's known all over the world as one of the contributing authors for the wildly successful Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, Jack Canfield.

He's my latest hero because he's accomplished so much of what I hope to accomplish. My entrepreneural batteries are now fully charged

What's my enthusiasm got to do with helping you to learn my insider secrets about living successfully st Lake Chapala, Mexico?

Nothing and Everything!

Nothing in that Jack didn't teach me anything about Lake Chapala, but he taught me everything about how to share my knowledge of Lake Chapala with you.

So, I'll be trying even harder, smarter, and with more enthusiasm than ever to share regular bowls of Chicken Soup for the Soul of  those of you considering making Lake Chapala your new home either full or part time.

Hey, maybe I can convince Jack to Co- Author a book about Lake Chapala.

We could call it "Chicken Soup for the Lake Chapala Retiree's Soul." 

What do you think?

I think if you come down to Lake Chapala and let one of our Exclusive Buyers' Only Realtor Team help you to explore the possibilities of living here at sunny, safe and soul satisfying area of Mexico you'll leave a part of your heart here and come back to reclaim it along with a whole new exciting life.

Twenty thousand or so other North Americans have already done it. Let us show you how, because we're on a mission to share our happiness with the world.

All for now. I think I'll go have a bowl of Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Siempre tu amigo,


  • Carole Stern

    Sid, who’s that most handsome charismatic gentleman, Jack? Is the photo juxtaposed or is he really with you? Can I be cheeky and ask if he is available???? (joking with an element of truth). Have to say, I’d like to meet him!!! Perhaps I have my “casa de arte” to contribute? Do come by and have a look what I’ve done to this place. It’s amazing with Mexican elements, touches of my own design creations and glass pyramid that storages sun to heat in winter.

    Don’t wait for the party, just come on by; every else does!

    Ramos Millan, 53, Chapala
    Plaza de Toros, (viego)

    By the way, still doing tango Argentino lessons Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons now at Centro Cultural Ajijic… and we have milongas now and then.

    Let us know when you’d like to join us.



  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Carole, Thanks for the nice post. Hope to get back to Tango but Arcelia and I both stay super busy.

    Yes, the guy in the photo with me really is the real Jack Canfield. In person he’s regular guy (just a super rich one).He came from humble beginnings and now lives in a 6 Million dollar home.

    I spent a day having him teach me a few of his secrets.

    Thanks again for the nice post. Tu amigo, Sid

  • http://planningvacationandmayberetirement dan meyers

    hi sid. it has been awhile always nice to read your reporting, nice story with jack, great idea chicken soup for all expatroits .we finally got our deposit back,from caroll. we have been so busy broken water pipe under the slab,big flood all wood had to go and replaced. a nightmare worse than moving .1 month later still not completed. getting better. hope everything is going good for you and family.write to you soon your friend danny.

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