Sid’s Top 10 Reasons to Consider Lake Chapala, Mexico

July 6, 2011

No. 1
Best Climate in North America (The mile high altitude means very low  humidity, average temperature 78  F (25.5 C) – year ‘round. Forget floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, nuclear disasters and tsunamis.
No. 2
Hi Personal Safety: Our ladies feel safe to walk alone in our towns and villages alone even after dark.
No. 3
Easy Access– Guadalajara International Airport just 30 minutes away with major airlines making travel easy. (just 2.5 hours from Dallas for example)
No. 4
Great infrastructure:  Big Stores like Wal-Mart, Movies in English, English Language Bookstores, A large English Language Lending Library, a new shopping center all without losing our small town charm.
No. 5
Easy to stay in touch with good telephone service,, high-speed internet, satellite TV, bringing news from home in the USA and Canada.


No. 6
Low cost, high quality health care, with state of the art facilities nearby. US trained bi lingual doctors.
No. 7
Multiply Your Income with a cost of living estimated to be at least 30% lower or more than  most of the USA.
No. 8
There’s no ugly American syndrome here. The local people are very glad we’re here and not just for our business, but because we give back to the community with our many charities and volunteer work.
No. 9
English is spoken throughout the area meaning you can get by without Spanish, although most retirees want to learn basic Spanish to enhance their lives here.


No. 10
Almost everywhere you look; you see beautiful things and a diversity of cultures. Beautiful Mountain vistas, our 65-mile long natural lake, and an abundance of flowers, flowering trees, fruit trees that rival the tropical paradises of the world.
Bonus Reason to Consider Lake Chapala as Your New Home
Large selection of homes in our local MLS from around $70,000 up to over a Million dollars. So there’s a home here for almost any pocket book.
This article just scratches the surface of why you should consider retiring either full or part time at our safe, beautiful, and affordable area.
You’ll enjoy a lot more than just a lower cost of living, but a diverse cultural experience where you’ll likely make friends from all over the world from all different occupations, but who all share the same love of life.
With over 50 different Cultural, Civic, and Just for Fun English speaking organizations ready to welcome you you’ll find it’s easy to make new friends who share your interests.
So, come join us. We’re living a caviar lifestyle on Tuna Fish Pensions at Safe, Beautiful and Affordable Lake Chapala Mexico.
Want to learn more? Do you have unanswered questions? Need help in planning a trip here? Want recommendations on where to stay or when to come?
Great, Let me share my 10 plus years of living here with you.
Drop me an e mail to,
Please make the subject line “Lake Chapala” so it will stand out in the hundreds of e mails I get each day, because I want to give your e mail priority attention.
I can’t wait to share the good news about all aspects of Lake Chapala, Mexico.
Looking forward to helping YOU !
Siempre tu amigo,


  • Joe

    We have been thinking about moving to Mexico for years, we lived there for one year on the border in Matamoros. It would be my wife and I and our 3 boys ages 14 12 and 3. My wife is Mexican and we all speak spanish. What would you think it would cost us to live there if we were to rent for 1-2 years? I am comparing the options of Private Schooling if available there and Homeschooling, my son wants to be a doctior ans the other wants to be in the NFL. I sooo wish he could play American football there, its one of the reasons we havent come yet. Anyways I am needing to know what my total expenses there would be for a family of 5 per month. I work online and need to know how much I need to generate to go…thanks. I actually work in RE as well selling Foreclosures for Fannie Mae and HUD…thanks…Joe

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Joe, Thanks for your question.

    Since you guys are Spanish speakers you will be able to live here for less than non Spanish speakers. It’s not a bias thing at all. You guys will be able to go shop in places where English is NOT spoken at all.

    Most North Americans here spend twice as much or more as the same size Mexican family and still live better than in North America on the same money.

    A bi lingual Mexican Secretary earns about $500 USD per month and works 44 hours a week.

    How much will your cost of living be? It depends upon your lifestyle. If you have a home paid for here you can live very well on $1800 to $2000 USD per month.

    Many do it on less and many on more.

    There are hundreds of small choices that determine how much any one family spends per month. Do you eat many imported foods, do you want all English programing on your TV. Do you like to eat out a lot and if so are you happy at Mom and Pop places or do you like upscale places, etc. etc.

    My guess is that your cost of living will fall somewhere in between what most North Americans spend per month and what most Mexican households here spend.

    In summary, I believe that you can live a much better life style here than in North America on the same income.

    I hope this helps. I encourage our readers to add their 2 pesos worth.

    Tu amigo, Sid

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