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August 13, 2011

HI Everyone,

As you can see Chapala Club now has an audio player installed.

It loads fast as a flash and you can start, stop, fast forward, pause just like you were playing a casette player.  So, take a listen to this short audio, because I don't want you to miss out on the contest I'll tell you about on the audio.

Siempre tu amigo,


  • Allan & Kathy Mayer

    This is really great and we check in whit h you every time you have a new message. Don’t give up on us. We are still very interested in our place in Chapala.
    Thanks for being there for everyone.

  • http://planningvacationandmayberetirement dan meyers

    i love your audio by the way it was a real enjoyment to listen to your radio interview,sounded like you have been doing interviews for many years.just titile FOLLOW THE ROAD TO SERINITY lake chapala,mex.

  • Rich Jaeger

    Nice audio tape. I will be retiring soon from 30+ years in Law Enforcement. glad to hear you also are a retired LEO and looking forward to come down to check out your community.
    Another LEO that I knew ( now passed away ) Tommy Johnson lived there and he had nothing but praise for Lake Chapala.
    Will think about a book title. Love your web site .. Keep it up.

  • Arleen Decker

    It’s too early for me for title ideas, but here’s a different kind on the same track. Search for the tag words used by other best selling retirement and travel authors. These lists may also contain some good buzz words for you to use in your title. Also, do a comparison of the best selling titles of your genre and see if there are any common denominators in the titles like, cutesy, straight-forward, adventurous, etc.

    OK now I need a second cup of coffee.

    Here’s today’s question. You mentioned WalMart in your audio. Do the big box stores like WalMart, Cosco, and Sam’s Club carry the same products and brands that they do at home? Are they more expensive because they are now imported? I’m looking at my printer, Keurig Coffee maker, toaster oven, food processor. Can you tell my ‘office’ is an extension off my kitchen! I’m trying to get an idea of what my setting-up expenses will be.

    By the way, do you plan to have a written script with your audios? This would be perfection. I like the audio, but it was difficult to go back to find which box store you had mentioned when I was writing the last paragraph.

    Thanks for all your help. I look forward to meeting you in the fall.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi LEO Friend,

    Thanks for the kind words amigo, You’ll love it here.

    The cops here ride at least 2 to a pick up and the response time is very low.

    Usually 3 to 4 minutes top. Each year they get better training and equipment. They now use the smaller size
    pickups with a crew cab. The Patrol Force is totally separate from the Traffic Enforcement Department with their
    own Chief.

    The point control traffic officers are not armed, but the solo motor jocks and those who driver sedans making traffic stops carry a side arm for safety.

    All for now. Tu amigo, Sid

  • Jackie Martinez

    Hi Sid
    What a great idea the audio is. I also sell real estate here in California. Some of my recent clients have come from Lake Chapala, Morelia, and Guanajuato. They have shared their stories with me of growing up in these beautiful towns. I can’t wait to see everything for myself, starting with Lake Chapala.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Jackie,

    WOW, Thanks to you and all the other posters who are letting me know they like the audio visits.

    Morelia and Guanajuato are both beautiful cities and we enjoy visiting both, but our heart is here at Lake Chapala. Not many North Americans live at Morelia because you really have to speak Spanish there.

    The same for Guanajuato. It also is very hard for retirees to enjoy walking with all the different levels in the city.

    Look forward to meeting you when you come to Lake Chapala. One of the ladies on our team was a Realtor in Southern California.

    I was a Texas Broker in the late 1960′s. I really didn’t plan to do real estate here, but once it’s in your blood it’s hard to shake.

    All for now, Tu amigo, Sid

  • Joseph Q

    Hi Sid,

    Great that you have Audio now. As to a book title, how about “A Little Slice of Heaven On Earth”. We are going to LaPenita next year, but hope to get back to beautiful Chapala soon.

    Take care
    Joseph Q

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Joseph, Thanks for the title entry.

    Hurry back home to Lake Chapala.
    Tu amigo, Sid

  • Pam Moore

    LOVE the audio! Video with it is nice too (your youtubes) .

    Title suggestions.
    Adios America – Lake Chapala Mexico here I
    come. OR
    Lake Chapala is the place for me; fine living is what I want for me…
    (think Beverly Hill Billies song)

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Pam, Thanks for your titles. Clever title.

    So far everyone has liked the audios so there will be more.

    All for now. Thanks again. Tu amigo, Sid

  • Gary Wyse

    Book title to be….

    Best Retirement Ever
    Lake Chapala, Mexico

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Gary,

    Good potential Title. Short and to the Point.

    Thanks, Tu amigo, Sid

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