Thinking of Selling Your Home and Moving to Lake Chapala?

August 10, 2011

It’s a big decision so it’s important to decide your plan of attack. if you decide to buy, should you invest in a new home, consider a fixer-upper, or even take on a complete renovation project?
Read on to see if this sounds something like your own story
The North American dream has been to own your own home.
This dream has been particularly strong in middle-class American.
The Typical Couple’s Experience
The typical couple buys something less than their dream home as their first home with plans to move up later to something bigger and nicer.
They follow this plan and eventually wind up with the home of their dreams or at least close.
In fact they may move several times, but always upward….
and then one day they wake up and the kids are grown or almost grown, on their own or soon will be, the house seems too large, the utility bills are almost as high as when the kids were home, the taxes get higher and higher …
and they’re at ,or close enough to retirement, to start thinking about finding a nice place to retire where the weather is good, cost of living reasonable and the people friendly.
They’re no longer tied to any given location due to their jobs and they’re considering downsizing.
If this sounds like you, of course you’re not alone as there are thousands and thousands of couples in the same boat.
Selling Your Home in a Tough Market
However, now you ‘re finding that these days unless you want to almost give your house away it’s not so easy to sell it so you can downsize.
To make matters worse even if a buyer comes along you may find yourself in the situation that your once hefty equity has now diminished or almost completely evaporated through no fault of your own. 
Well, please read on because I may just have the solution for you.
Given you’re in a tough very competitive market you’ll need to bite the bullet and ask a reasonable competitive price for your home or it just will not sell. Sorry, but that's the plain, simple truth!
Here’s What to Do
You must (I did not say should) properly prepare your house so that it stands out, get’s the attention of prospective buyers and looks it’s absolute best .
Get rid of the years of clutter, spend a little money on paint and powder, and keep the place sparkling clean and ready to show on a moment’s notice.
Always be available to show your home. Try your best to give it that “model Home” look.
Before you list with a Realtor check their track record. What will they do to market your home. Do they just advertise features or do they truly show the benefits of buying your home and communicate that in their advertising..
 For example: Do they just mention new central heat, a feature…
Or do they say…”Like New energy efficient central heat pump keeps you comfortable while cutting your utility bills to the bare minimum” See the difference?
So, look at their ads to see if you would want to buy from them. If you would want to buy from them, then others will feel the same.
Other Options:
Rent Your North American Home Out
Some folks find that they can rent their home in North America  for more than enough to rent a home right here at Lake Chapala and actually put cash in their pocket each month. You can try out our area until things improve at home.
Line of Credit Option
Some invest in a home here using a line of credit against their home in North America and rent their home out there to cover the loan payments and move here taking advantage of our lower prices while waiting for the market to recover up North.
Markets Always Recover
It may take a while, but the market will recover both in North America and here at Lake Chapala.
While waiting for the market to recover up North you can take advantage of our currently lower prices and be living the good life here, cutting almost all of your expenses at the same time.
Renting at Lake Chapala
Many people rent for some period of time before buying a home here.
My Experience
When I sold my home in Texas it was a tough market too (I admit not as tough as now) but I practiced what I preached above in the preparation of my home, extolling benefits and not just features and it sold in 10 days for more than my asking price.
I had two buyers that both wanted it.
So, my wife and I rented here just long enough to find the right house for us at the right price.
Renting allows you to try on different neighborhoods for size.
And, honestly you may find that you just don’t like our area (very rare indeed).
Is a New Home, a Fixer Upper or a Renovation for You?
Once you're sure of where you want to be, then you face the question of buying a new home, renovating an older home or building your own dream home.
Only you can decide this, because only you know your temperament.
We chose a fixer upper, As best as we can determine our home was about 50 years old, but as we say, “It had good bones”.
Prior owners had added on, closed in porches, and partially modernized the home and we’ve continued to do so.
We continue to make improvements as our budget allows and each year we love our little piece of paradise more.
The variables to think through include how much effort you want to put into a fixer or a full blown renovation project, how much initial capital do you have, and to what extent can your temperament handle the process.
Live on Your Profits ?
There are North Americans here who do quite well, buying a fixer-upper with the intention to improve and flip it for a profit.
They repeat the process every few years and live on the profits.
The Buyers' Exlusive Realtor Team is Ready, Willing and Fully Qualified to go to work for you.
The decisions are yours.
Our group of Exclusive Buyers' Only Realtors here at are ready, willing, and able to be of service.
In fact, we look forward to it.
So, send me an e mail about any aspect of living here at beautiful and affordable Lake Chapala, Mexico to
Just put "Rent or Buy?" as your subject line so it will stand out among the hundreds of e mails I get  each day so I can give your e mail priority attention !
All for now. Siempre tu amigo,


Email for more information:

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