Could this Idea Stop the Drug Wars ?

October 29, 2011

Hi Everyone,

There seems to be more and more talk about the safety of foreigners in Mexico and even in the tranquil Lake Chapala area.

I've written some articles about how I feel safer here than I did when I lived in Dallas.

I've told you about my Mexican family here being afraid for my Mexican wife and I to visit the USA because they see all the violence directed at Americans from Muslim Extremists both home grown and imported.

I've told you about our competent local law enforcement here at Lake Chapala.

I've written reports about driving safely across Mexico and using common sense.

Well the below video seems to make sense to more and more Americans. I'm no expert on such matters, but that the general idea presented in the video makes a lot of sense.

I don't smoke, only drink the very occasional beer or mixed drink, and of course have never used marijuana or other illegal drugs of any description, but as a policeman I saw the harm that legal and illegal drugs (including alcohol and tobacco in this group) have done many times.

Honestly, I saw no more harm being done from the ilegal drugs than from the legal drugs.

The prisons are full of drug related arrested prisoners and this alone costs US Taxpayers many millions of dollars.
Yes, I know that treatment programs cost money too, so it's not an easy determination to make.

What do you think?.

Would the legalization of marijuana in the USA stop or slow down the drug wars?

Would Americans on both sides of the border be safer? Would Mexicans be safer in their homeland?

What would be the potential unintended consequences if this became a reality?

Let's keep Politics out of this discussion. There are people in all the US political parties for or against this idea… so no partisan comments please.

Thanks in advance,

               Siempre tu amigo,


  • Donna

    It’s all about money; whether we are talking about the drug cartels, treatment of cancer, passing of congressional Bills, etc.

    Should there really be a CURE for Cancer in whatever form, there would be a huge resistance on the part of everyone – millions of people – who benefit from Cancer problems; medical professionals, huge conglomerate pharceutical companies, drugstore employees, along with all the employees of this whole scheme of activity in the Western world. What would our unemployment rate be then – surely we couldn’t do that.

    No different than the drug cartel. I have no problem with legalizing marijuana which I do not feel would have an impact on the drug users or the drug sellers.

    Historically, this civilization has wanted intoxicating applications; as far back as in people making “moonshine” – (illicitly made whiskey) they wanted something to intake that made them feel different even if it was illegal.

    When one need is fulfilled – perhaps the legalization of marijuana; another will arise. There will always be that next great different “high” that a percentage of the population will be willing to take the chance on ingesting.

    As long as we have people willing to take the chance of “getting higher” on whatever; there will be people who are willing to provide it to them. As I understand the job pays very well – better than sitting at home drawing welfare EVEN if there is a chance of dying, going to jail…the almighty dollar is worth it to these people – the drug cartels.

    My prayer is that God will intervene.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    HI Donna,

    Thanks so much for your comments. I appreciate you taking the time to give us your thoughts.

    Sincerely, Sid

  • Jackie Martinez

    Here in California we had the opportunity to make marijuana legal. It was voted down. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I think if you are going to use drugs you will use them regardless of the legal consequences.
    Ultimately it is all about money and power.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Jackie,

    Thanks for your comments. I mostly agree with you. Some might not just because it’s illegal and they would not want to risk a conviction for the consequences of having a “record” that might keep them from getting a good job… or keeping the one they have.

    Thanks again, Tu amigo, Sid

  • Bob

    Hi Sid,

    As a NON marijuana user,I prefer alcohol and it’s perfectly legal to become drunk and stupid. :-)

    I do believe I am totally convinced marijuana should be legalized, produced by R.J Reynolds,taxed with an age limit and sold as tobacco products and alcohol is presently being sold.

    Even those that cannot remember prohibition it is still taught in history class. IT DIDN’T WORK, and made Al Capone very rich.

    I’m not positive on the statistics, but I think the illegal marijuana trade is 40% of the total illegal drugs brought into the U.S.

    As for the prisons, anyone convicted of personal use marijuana, send then home as long as another crime was not committed along with the marijuana offense. This would solve the over crowded prison problem, and save the tax payers a lot of money!

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for your well reasoned comments. Marijuana accounts for just over 60% of the illegal drugs coming in from Mexico according to a recent article I read.

    tu amigo, Sid

  • MIKE

    I am not a pot smoker although i did partake a little in Asia about 40 years ago It was also abundant in the California beach cities that I lived in in the 70′s. Personally it didnt appeal because pot smokers always talked about what they were going to do but never did. I was always the one down on the dock with my fishing pole waiting for the previous evening’s enthusiastic fishermen that never showed up. When I hear a police report of a bunch of pot heads rioting or speeding on the highway, someone is lying. I would much rather be on the road with a 100 pot smokers than one drunk. I would rather be at a jazz festival where you get high by ozmosis than at a rock concert full of boozed up bikers. I have never seen someone whacked out on pot wanting to go anywhere, but I sure have seen a lot of puking drunks climb into their cars and roar away.
    In high school my son could get pot without problem but had a difficult time getting a six pack. This in its self makes the illegality of pot stupid, in fact the laws against all recreational drugs on their face are stupid. All this stuff should be lagal and tightly controlled just like booze. This idea of threshold drugs is bordering on imbecilic. I drink booze its never led to drugs, my friend smokes pot, the only thing it led to was a lack of ambition. Addictive personalities are what they are, they are either drunks, drug addicts,porn addicts or whatever. You could make everthing go away and they would sniff glue, which they do, they would huff paint which they do, they would cook up cold medicine, which they do.
    Every attempt to control human behaviour has been a huge failure. Treatment centers help to a degree but not to a point that makes a difference, jail certainly turns drug users into bigger drug users. Turn away from this idea of cure it doesnt work, you cant cure a killer and in most cases you cant cure a junkie either by treatment or prison. Treat them to a controlled supply of drugs to keep them off the streets to protect the real victims, the mugged, the murdered, the burglarised, in other words…us.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your comments. You made some good points. It seems like so far the consensus is that ML should be legalized. If so it would seem to follow that the drug cartels would loose about 60% of their trade to legal sources.

    Thanks again Mike. Tu amigo, Sid

  • James in Los Cabos

    Sid — Frankly, I fear violence against gringos living in Mexico far more from the U.S. government than from anyone in this country. In my opinion one of the major motivations for Fast and Furious is to drive Americans living in Mexico back into the United States. But don’t worry, folks, the FEMA camps are ready and waiting. I don’t know about you but THIS gringo is never going back. You can have your part of all that up there and mine, too. For me, expatriation is the only answer. P.S., you’re doing a great job, Sid. Keep it up.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    HI James, Thanks for your comments and kind words for me. Sid

  • MaryAnn

    Hi Sid,
    The drugs are making the drug king-pins rich and as long as they continue to get rich, the drug wars will continue. Making marijuana legal would put a crimp in their style. However, with American celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Charlie Sheen etc, demanding “designer” drugs and making it look glamorous the drugs will keep coming. My biggest gripe is Americas who say the Mexican borders and Mexico are unsafe, while ignoring that these drugs are coming INTO the US. It’s all about supply and demand.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi MaryAnn,

    Excellent Points. So far most of our comments are learning toward legalization and control. What ever we do I can’t imagine it being worse, unless we just continue to ignore the big demand and the violence it’s causing on both sides of the border.

    Thanks again for your comment. Tu amigo, Sid

  • Beatriz Socorro

    Sid, I think the Mexican people are being misled into believing that this is a war between drug cartels.

    All you need to do is take a close look at other areas in Mexico, such as Veracruz, to see that this is a total lie.

    Drug cartels have existed worldwide even before I was born (and I am no spring chicken).

    This is not a war between drug cartels as they are trying to make us believe. This is a war of criminals, murderers, rapists, extortionists, kidnappers of the worst kind AGAINST THE MEXICAN PEOPLE.

    They´re not killing each other. They are killing the helpless population when they refuse to yield to their extorsions and kidnappings.

    They are killing, raping and kidnapping us, the helpless and un-armed population of decent, hard-working citizens.

    They are the scum of the earth.


  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Beatrice,

    Thanks for your comments. While some of the gangs use extortion of businesses in areas they control and do some kidnappings for ransom the very lucrative drug business is the major problem in my view. All crime is bad, but if the drug cartels were eliminated or substantially reduced Mexico’s GDP would gain at least 1% which would be very good for Mexico.

    Illegal narcotics is at the heart of the problem I think. Thanks again for sharing, Tu amigo, Sid

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