• Jeff Vadheim

    I recently signed up for Roger Anthony’s ProtexPlan insurance. The policy was through a British company, IMG. At 62 I got full coverage for $1550 annually with a $2500 deductible ($5000 deductible would have been around $1200.) It’s one of a variety of types of policies they offer and this plan works best for retirees here in Mexico in that it excludes regular coverage in the US and Canada but while traveling back to either you get coverage for 30 days and it covers you in the rest of the world fully. The premium is lower because even if you have a serious illness or accident in those two expensive countries, you have time to be stabilized and transported back to the specialists in GDL where you have full ongoing coverage. Anywhere else in the world you could stay put if you wanted to. Before moving here I was paying $765 a month (!) in Arizona for a $5000 deductible and spotty coverage at best and since I had no pre-existing conditions, I just went bare bones without insurance down here until I met Roger. I figured I’d keep $20K in the bank and one credit card with a high limit as my only health insurance. The availability of his affordable plan totally changed my mind. A local American physician who trained in GDL and practices here comes to your house to do your physical which does not include any blood drawing. I know a person in my neighborhood who had pre-existing conditions who was also approved. When I hit Medicare age, to me it would seem logical to keep full coverage down here and forgo any supplement which would require I travel back to the States for any and all treatment at high prices and still with no guarantee I won’t get a bill!

  • http://www.chapalaclub.com Sid Grosvenor

    Hey Jeff, Great comments. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us. Tu amigo, Sid

  • Jesse Roth

    Hi Sid,

    My wife and I are seriously considering retiring in your land. However, while, perusing the “Focus On Mexico” website, I came across an article, “Land of the Eternal Spring,” in which you were quoted. The author states the Lake Chapala air is “thick with mosquitos during the rainy season.”

    Since my wife has a serious aversion to them (they are not a factor in the Santa Barbara area), it concerns me. Please comment.


  • http://www.chapalaclub.com Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Jesse, Thanks for your question.

    A big NO. The air is NOT thick with mosquitoes!

    Of course we have some. I know of very few places that don’t. A given area close to the lake on a given night may have a lot of them, but this is not the rule.

    In the rainy season if you go down to the lake front in an area where the shoreline is rough and there are pockets of rain water where the females lay their eggs of course there will be more.

    The closer to the lake the more bothersome they will be in general, but with our almost constant breezes to and from the lake they have a hard time landing on you.

    I lived in Guadalajara for a year and I had a horrible time with mosquitoes where I lived (in the rainy season) and had to burn the special candles to keep them away so I could sleep.

    I’ve never had that problem here at Lake Chapala.

    Sometimes people see a swarm of flying insects we call “BoBo’s” and think they’re mosquitoes. They’re not. They don’t bite, but can be annoying if you happen to inadvertently walk into a swarm.

    A suggestion. Come for a visit during the rainy season and confirm what I’m saying.

    I hope this helps put your fears to rest.

    Tu amigo, Sid

    P.S. I hope others read and comment with their experiences.

  • http://www.protexplan.com Roger Anthony

    Hi Sid, thank you so much for posting our time together on chapalaclub.com and Jeff thank you as well for your kind post. For those of you considering affordable & comprehensive health coverage please contact me for a quick response & professional service. My contact information is listed below.

    Roger Anthony

    ProtexPlan International Health Insurance
    1-800-608-5743 U.S. Toll Free
    01-800-681-6730 Mexico Toll Free (from within in Mexico, and you must use a Mexican land line or cell)
    624-129-2179 Los Cabos Cell
    331-142-2765 Guadalajara Cell

  • http://www.chapalaclub.com Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Roger,

    Thanks for your nice words. Sorry it took so long to get our video chat on the site.Thanks again, Stay in touch.

    Tu Amigo, Sid

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