Top 7 New Years Resolutions for Lake Chapala

December 31, 2011

Hi Friends, Time again to think about New Year's resolutions, especially if you're remotely interested in Lake Chapala. These are for eveyone, but more focused on folks who have not yet taken the plunge to move here. By the way, if you would like a free telephone consultation send me an e mail to, because I'm itching to help you get started on your learning curve to see if our area is right for you.
Be sure and tell me your telephone number, time zone, and best time to call you, Please put "Telephone Call" for the subject line because I want to find your e mail easily and respond right away.
OK, here are the resolutions. Disfrute (Enjoy)
1. More time with Family and Friends
With all the new friends you’ll make here at Lake Chapala this one will be easy to do, and if you family is not here, you’ll find that you’ll see them as often or in some cases more often after you move here. (They will then have a cool place to go… and see you too)
2. Get in Shape
All the studies tell us we should engage in regular exercise for all sorts of health benefits. With the great weather at Lake Chapala most new comers find they lose 10 to 15 pounds without even trying.
Why ? Because due to the mostly sunny weather and seventy degree days walking is a favorite past time here.
Even those of us who drive will just drive into Chapala, Ajijic or San Antonio or one of  our other towns or villages, park and do our errands by walking everywhere within the town.
I do this quite often and usually get my car washed by a street car wash guy at the same time. (Just over $2 USD) .
And, if this is not enough exercise we have several great gyms,and some developments have their own on site gyms.
Then there are the yoga classes, dance classes and practice dance sessions to keep us in great shape for the shape we’re in.
3. Slow down and Enjoy Life More
With the hectic lifestyles of millions of North Americans, it is no wonder that "enjoying life more" is a popular resolution.
Once you move to Lake Chapala this happens as if by magic and you can forever drop this resolution from your list of resolutions.
You will have not only the time to stop and smell the roses, but near perfect weather do so, not to mention all the many varies of flowers there are to smell.
We’re very close to the same latitude as Hawaii (without as many bugs and without the humidity they have to put up with) so you can grow your own garden full of flowers, fruits and veggies, even if all you had up North was a black thumb.
Why not bring balance to your body, mind and soul. With so many hobby clubs to choose from there’s no reason not to join one or more… or start your own club. That’s how almost all the others got started
4. Stop Drinking 
This is another popular resolution up North and we do have several AA groups here, but if you drink out of boredom or for lack of friends, you may not even need to join AA.
5. Get Out of Debt
If making ends meet with the ever increasing taxes of all kinds in North America, higher and higher health care costs and increasing insurance premiums is making your debt go in the wrong direction you’ll find that there are terrific savings on all of the above here at Lake Chapala.
You will not only cut your debt down significantly or even to zero, because you can apply the savings in the cost of living here to reduce it… and soon the savings over what your were paying will allow you to live a luxurious lifestyle on a tuna fish pension.
I’m talking 30 to 40% less overall expenses. The savings pays off the debt or gives you a better lifestyle to boot.
6. Take on a New Learning Challenge
There are all sorts of things to challenge you here if your’re looking for a metal challenge..
Many of our newly retired folks here take on the challenge of learning enough Spanish to make their life here even easier and to save even more on their expenses.
You’ll have less need to speak Spanish in our area than in any other Spanish speaking Country or other parts of Mexico even.
But, that being said it’s fun, stimulating mentally, and helps you to enjoy the culture all the more.
Most people get to what I call survival level very quickly and can shop at stores that are not fully bi lingual… and save even more.
Not up for a new language. Just use your own to take advantage of a number of other learning activities.
Perhaps you’d like to learn acting, or writing, or painting or some other art form.
You’ll find them all here at Lake Chapala – Ajijic.
7. Helping Others
Volunteerism can take many forms at Lake Chapala. The Lake Chapala Society offers many ways to volunteer at the Library, the information booths, the Video Club, Ticket Sales, etc. etc..
Not interested in these? There’s also all sorts of charitable groups that focus on helping some of our less fortunate Mexican hosts.
There's also volunteer work at our local pet shelters and other worthwhile causes.
Also, some home owner groups are looking for committed volunteers from within their neighborhoods.
This is just a sampling of some of the ways the North American community is involved in helping others here at Lake Chapala..
Want to learn more about any of the above activities. Please take a minute to sign up for our free E Zine that covers all aspects of living, working, and playing here at safe, beautiful and affordable Lake Chapala, Mexico.
It’s easy, quick and fun to become a member. Just put your primary e mail address in the sign up blank on the home page and the software will do the rest.
Then, watch for your confirmation e mail because we want to confirm it was really you who signed up .
We do not sell, trade or give away your e mail address. Your privacy is important to us.
All for now, Siempre tu amigo,


  • http://Greeting Erin Mc Nulty

    Hi Sid!

    Just a Happy New Year greeting for you and your lovely wife…

  • Yvonne

    Happy New Year, Sid!
    Thanks again for your great site. You answer so many questions for a wannabe like me.
    I will be there for just one day the first week in February. Can you suggest the most important “must see/do” when time is so limited? I would love to reserve your tour but not sure which day we will be there. Depends on my kids plans.
    Also, we will be driving from Chapala back to PV late that day. We are estimating @ 6 hours. Does that sound right and is that hiway safe at night for a car full of gringos?

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Yvonne and thanks for all your kind words. What you should do here is a factor of you and your personality.

    I would recommend a walk around central Chapala at the Plaza and Market would be interesting and a few blocks South you’ll find the Malecon (walking area along the beach across from the large Catholic Church).

    You can catch a local bus from Chapala to Ajijic for a 10 or 12 min. ride for under a $1 USD or the other way.

    Then in Ajijic a walk around the pretty plaza and a stroll South toward the Lake and a walk along the waterfront there would be fun.

    On the way from the Plaza to the waterfront there are lots of interesting shops. Lunch at the Tango Restaurant would be nice (great food at very reasonable prices).

    That’s probably all you will have time for.

    The trip to Vallarta is longer than 6 hours and should definitely not be tried at night. The road is safe, but driving at night is hazardous and dark and just 2 lane much of the way (even the toll road route).

    I would not make this drive at night and I’ve driven it a number of times in the daylight.

    Hope this helps. Siempre tau amigo, Sid

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Erin, Thank you very much. Very sweet of you . Egualmente. Siempre tu amigo, Sid y Arce

  • Derek Rogerson

    Sounds great Sid.

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