What Jack Canfield Can Teach You About Buying a Home at Lake Chapala

December 14, 2011

Hi Everyone,
A while back, I shared some insights I received from my friend, Jack Canfield, the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series Co-Author.
Today I want to share another insight from Jack with you,
Here’s part of an e-mail I recently received from Jack.
“Dear Sid,… I've tried to share some of my key Success Principles to help you pursue the success you've always desired… Get a Personal Coach. I have had many Coaches who have helped me achieve my goals   business Coaches, writing Coaches, marketing Coaches, and Personal Coaches… Not only did my business benefit, but my family did, too.”
I completely agree with Jack about the value of personal coaches, but I admit I did not always feel that way because I’m a pretty independent guy.
Now that I’m working on another book, have a new website in the works to better serve you guys, I've hired publicity coaches, book coaches, and a web site coach. Theses experts don't come cheap but, they’re worth every nickel.
Why? Because they’re saving me a ton of time, money, and headaches. That’s why!
Now, what’s all of this got to do with you?
Well, I want to offer my services to you as a coach to save you a ton of time, money and possible headaches.
I want to be your Lake Chapala Coach, but there's a big difference between the coaches I’ve hired to help me, and you using me as your Lake Chapala Coach. What that?
Someone else will gladly pay my fee for your coaching services!
Sounds crazy I admit, but it’s true. Let me explain.
As an Independent Exclusive Buyer’s Only Realtor I work for you,  but the other side, the sellers, utimately pay me to work for you.
How does that happen?
You see when they pay their listing company the fee they agreed to pay when their home sells, the listing agency must pay a part of that fee to which ever Realtor brought a buyer to the table.
The seller’s fee is the same no matter who brings the buyer to the table. Even, when the buyer is represented by his own Realtor.
Years ago when I was a practicing Texas Attorney at Law there were times when the court appointed me to represent a minor’s interest’s when the minor's step parent’s interest in the settlement might be adverse to the best interest of the step-child. 
In this situation, the defendant paid me, as part of their settlement to the plaintiff. In effect, my client, the stepchild, received free representation, and I got paid for my time, energy and effort too..
It’s a bit complicated, but the bottom line is that if you use me or one of our team to represent your best interests (which we vigorously do using all of our accumulated experience) you likely will save a bundle on the right home for you, not buy one with problems, and save a boatload of other headaches by having your coach at your side throughout the process from A to Z.
You have nothing to lose, and much to gain. So, let us know if you’d like one of our team to be your coach.
You stay in full control. We work for you, not the other way around… and the other side pays the freight. How cool is that!
If you’re several years away from a decision to purchase a property here, that’s fine too. However, if there is a time conflict, of course we must give priority to those clients who are closer to a buying decision.
We can also be your coach on a fee basis. We would work out an agreement for a reasonable fee for our time. Then, if you do buy a property here using our services in which we are the selling Realtor we will reimburse you 100% of what you previously paid us for our coaching services.
We want to be your coach, your advocate, and your Exclusive Buyer’s Realtor.  We want to do business with you YOUR WAY!
If  this is of interest to you send me an e mail to Sid@ChapalaClub.com and please put "Coaching" in the subject line, because I get hundreds of e-mails and I want to be able to find yours’ and respond right away.
All for now.  Siempre tu amigo,


Email for more information:

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