What If You Could Improve Your Lifestyle by 30 to 40%?

January 7, 2012

If you could improve your lifestyle by 30 to 40% would you?
What if it meant relocating to a place where the weather is always perfect…say 73º average year round with low humidity and mostly sunny skys?
A place with a small town atmosphere, but within a hour’s drive of a sophisticated city of 4.4 million people with everything you could ever want in a big city like great hospitals, upscale malls, wonderful theaters and more.
What if there was an International Airport just a half hour from your new home.
Add to this already near perfect place vistas of a lake framed by soaring mountains such that it looks like a finger of the sea slicing through the mountains with glorious sunsets and star- studded clear nights.
Now imagine that this place is festooned with the same beautiful flowers and flowering trees you see in Hawaii, produce markets over flowing with produce fresh from the farm and all the fruit you’re used to seeing and more.
Now imagine yourself strolling around a picturesque plaza just before dark as the lights begin to come on. You hear church bells calling the faithful to worship in its ages old sanctuary,but you're beginning to feel a little hundry after the days activities,
You decide to eat at what looks like an upscale restaurant with uniformed waiters just off the beautiful plaza and find all sorts of epicurean delights from all over the world and an impressive wine list as well.
You do the math from the prices in the local currency converting to US dollars and find that most meals are priced at $10 USD or less. You could get used to this, you think to yourself.
Is this a dream or reality. You pinch yourself to be sure you’re not dreaming. Sure enough, you felt the pinch so you must not be dreaming.
Where are you? You notice a colorful magazinelying on an empty nearby table, you pick it up and read the cover. It says. “Lake Chapala Review”.
So, this place is real. You have proof in your own hands.
I can also assure you this place is real and my words do not begin to do it justice.
You see I’ve lived in this magical place for over 10 years. I fell head over heels in love with it over 16 years ago. 
But even those many years ago, I was a Johhny come lately because North Americans discovered Lake Chapala back in the mid 1950’s and the Foreign Community and the local people have been peacefully co-existing for well over half a century… and yes, we’re still respectful friends.
They let us be us and of course we return the favor.
Each year there’s a little more cross pollination. More and more of the North Americans here have learned to slow down and go with the flow rather than trying to swim upstream.
And, on the flip side more of the local shop keepers have made an effort to learn basic English to help us, their guests feel more at home.
So, we have the best of both worlds. It’s almost like stepping back in time to the North America of 50 plus years ago, but with high speed internet, cell phones, and iPads.
These wonderful devices help us to stay in touch with family and friends who still inhabit the frozen Northland or the sizzling Southland of North America. They allow us to brag about our great fortune in having found our little slice of paradise at Wal-Mart Prices.
What? What that’s you say? You haven’t found your place in the sun yet.
Well, let’s get started. You can do it. I can help you.
Send me an e-mail with “Sun Place” as the subject line to Sid@ChapalaClub.com, because I’m ready to help you fulfill your dreams of your very own place in the Sun in 2012.
Siempre tu amigo,


Important Note: In Mexico, foreigners are afforded all the rights of Mexican citizens when it comes to property ownership in the interior.


But, things are done a bit differently than they are at home. You need to understand the intricacies of property ownership in Mexico and know who to turn to for good real estate advice and how to be sure you get value for you money and avoid the traps and pitfalls that could turn what was meant to be a dream into a nightmare.


Your timing is good. Now is a smart time to be thinking of Lake Chapala.


Don’t be afraid of what the US main stream media says, take it from me, a former Dallas Police Officer for 35 years. I feel safer here than in Dallas.


Email for more information:

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