Prices are Low and Bargains are Available at Lake Chapala, Mexico

February 25, 2012

Our market has been slow, but it’s beginning to pick up.
So if you’ve been procrastinating making a trip here to check out Lake Chapala, Mexico, it's time to stop just thinking about it…time to put one foot in front of the other and make it happen.
This is about as pushy as I get. I’ve never liked high-pressure types, but millions of expats already know the values are good and the lifestyle unbeatable here at beautiful sunny Lake Chapala.
My team and I give you the help you need. Each of us are Exclusive Buyer’s Only Realtors whose only job is to devote our insider knowledge, experience and resources to help you design a plan for your new life here at Lake Chapala.
There are hundreds of homes to choose from in all prices ranges for both buying or renting. With so many homes to choose from at the lowest prices in a long time I feel confident that just the right home is waiting here for your new life.
But like the old saying goes…”If you snooze you lose.”
About 11 years ago, I got in right and scored a nice 2000 sq. ft home with 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, a 2-car garage, on a beautiful lot full of banana, lime, and avocado trees and lots of flowers. Its 5 minutes from Chapala, 10 minutes from Ajijic and under 30 minutes to the airport.
After doing my homework on the seller’s motivation, comparing other recent area sales etc. I only paid $100,000 for it.
I can’t promise you this great a deal, but I can promise you my team and I will work hard and smart to find you your very own dream home as close to a dream price as possible.
Remember we’re in your corner and only represent YOUR BEST INTERESTS.
OK, this article is one of my very rare blatant attempts to motivate you to take action (all for your own good of course).
So, think on it, sleep on it (my Dad’s wisdom) and then check the flights from your area to our airport (Guadalajara – Symbol GDL) and let me know you’re on the way.
All for now. Siempre tu amigo,


  • Bettyinchapala

    Husband Larry and I totally agree with Sid — we moved to Chapala in April oif last year and have not regretted a single moment that we have spent here. A beautiful sunrise (over the lake) and sunset (behind the mountains) each day, wonderful friends, great places to eat, beautiful scenery, plenty of activities to keep you busy, or if you just want to chill, sit up on the mirador (roof of the house) and just enjoy the view! Come on down and check it out!!

  • Sid Grosvenor

    HI Betty, Wow ! Great post. You said it all in just a few words. OK, Everyone, You heard it from Betty and there are thousands more Chapala Fans who feel the same way.

    Come join Betty and I and live the good life on even a small pension.  Tu amigo, Sid

  • JR37221


  • Sid Grosvenor

     Hi JR37221

    WOW , I’m a bit confused. I get hundreds of e mails each day so I guess from
    time to time I might miss an important one.

    Yours is important to me. Let’s do this. Ask your questions  here where the world can see them (unless they are too personal). This way perhaps others
    might be able to help as well.

    If you prefer not to ask your questions here try me again by e mail, but since I get so many emails every day please put “Help  from Sid” as the subject line.

    This will alert me that it’s an important e mail and not one of the hundreds of
    unimportant ones I get each day.

    I try to be on the alert for real people to people e mails in my spam folder, but so many start out something like ” Sid…. ” since I have a very public e mail address.

    Tu amigo, Sid

  • Mbengoaduprey

    Hi Mr. Grosvenor,

    I follow your posts because I am looking forward to visit Chapala for I will be retiring in four years. Chapala is my first choice to check out for my new home. This post grabs my attention specifically she you write ” but millions of expats already know the values are good and the lifestyle unbeatable here at beautiful sunny Lake Chapala.” May I ask how many expats live in the Chapala area?

  • Sid Grosvenor

     Hi, Glad you’re considering Lake Chapala as a retirement location.

    No one really knows ho many North Americans live here but estimates place the number usually between 25,000 and 35,000. There are no official statistics.

    Each year more and more North Americans find us and I don;t see the trend ending. Each year it gets better. My first trip here was 16 years ago. It still has the charm and warmth it did then, but now the infrastructure is much much better.

    Come for a visit before retirement time. It’s a a great place just to visit too.

    Tu amigo, Sid

  • Mbengoaduprey

    Thank you so much for your reply. That’s exactly what I’m planning to do, next year! I understand low season is from April to October. Right?

  • Ehjed

    Hi Sid,
    I’ll be in Ajijic 3/18-21st for a ‘first look’ at retiring in the area.  My plan would be to rent initially for approximately 6 months if the visit goes well.  After that, possibly buy a place.  do you have any suggestions on the best way to go about finding an apartment?

  • Sid Grosvenor

    HI Ehjed,

    When you arrive call my Mexican cell 331 152 1314.

    I can give you a tour and show you some rentals, but I get no commission from
    rentals but enjoy helping people find good ones. Tu amigo, Sid

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Mbengoaduprey, Good Plan. Looking forward to helping you find your place in the sun. Tu amigo, Sid

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