What Is Exclusive Buyer Representation at Lake Chapala?

February 29, 2012

According to an FTC study in 1983, 72% of all homebuyers in the USA believed in error that the agent showing them homes was representing them.
Since then most states have passed laws forcing agents to disclose who they represent.
No such laws exist in Mexico to the best of our knowledge!

Who needs an Exclusive Buyers Agent?
* Buyers re-locating to a new city or especially to Mexico
* First time home buyers or even seasoned home buyers
* Buyers interested in maximizing their purchasing power
* Buyers looking for a lot and/or builder
* Buyers who want to protect their investment

An "exclusive buyer’s representative" is someone who solely represents buyers, someone who doesn't work for home sellers and never lists homes for sale.
It’s important to understand the importance of having an Exclusive Buyers Agent when you’re looking at homes, especially in Mexico.
Unfortunately, there are only 4 Exclusive Buyers Agents at Lake Chapala out of over 140 area Realtors.
But, if you’re reading this, you found a team of 3 Exclusive Buyers Agent Realtors.


Keep reading/listening to learn just what an Exclusive Buyers Agent Realtor can do for you, but first you should know that all the benefits you gain are available to you without you incurring additional costs!
Exclusive Buyers Agent Realtors are paid at closing out of the proceeds of the transaction just like any agent except we’re here to help you! Imagine you get the protection of their services insider knowledge, and experience without any extra fees beyond your normal closing costs!
Here’s just a few of the things we do for you
* Negotiate the best price possible since we work for you and not the seller.

* We agree to represent only you and your best interests

* Using the criteria, you provide we search all possible listings and properties.

* With our experience, we can point out the strengths and weaknesses of each property.

* We give you the truth about a property’s value, not its perceived value in the eyes of the seller or listing agent.

* We help guide you for property inspection and warranties.

* We offer advice based on our experience, research on a given property, and our insider knowledge on how to protect your interests in the contract and what you should offer on any particular property.

* We draft and submit offers promptly and professionally, if possible directly to the seller (but in the presence of their agent) when this is the best strategy.

* We provide honest and complete information about given neighborhoods (pro and con).

* We respond honestly to all your questions.

* We negotiate solely on your behalf.

* We assist in choosing the best Notario for closing.

* We advise on any financing options that might be available.
* We also when appropriate check with homeowner groups to be sure that there are no outstanding funds due to the group by the sellers that could cause you problems later.
How are we paid for our services?
We are paid at closing out of the proceeds of the transaction, which obligates the seller’s broker to compensate the seller’s representative.
Imagine, you get the protection of your Exclusive Buyers Agent Realtor and our services, experience, and insider knowledge are exclusively yours, without any fees other than your normal closing costs!
Why can we save you money?

Because we represent you, negotiate the lowest price for you, and reveal any information about how low the seller is willing to go.

We provide all facts about the seller’s urgency to dispose of the property and any other favorable information we can learn from all sources to the you.
This is information the listing agent is obligated to cover up, because they represent the seller, not you.
Do these savings really make a difference?

Imagine just a 1% savings when buying a home. That could equate to thousands of dollars. That could mean $2,000 on a $200,000 home sale.
We remind you to think of your lifestyle, property location, transportation options,  and the cost of maintaining the house.
You may wonder, “Isn't the agent I met in the real estate office or at the open house showing me homes representing me?”
If he or she is one of the 4 current Buyers Only Realtors here the answer is yes.
So, the answer is “Not Necessarily!” and “Probably Not”.
Myself, and the two ladies on our team are True Exclusive Buyers Only Realtors. We’ve affiliated ourselves with one of the best brokers in the area to hold initial deposits after a contract is negotiated and accepted and to handle the details of the closing process for you.
Your funds are held until closing in a dedicated escrow account in a USA Bank in Texas.
Our affiliated broker has a team of professional who will work with you to facilitate all the closing details.
They make sure that all the paper work is in order, closing details scheduled, and funds dispersed after closing takes place in the Notario’s office.
So, you are actually the owner (for a few minutes) before your funds are transferred to the seller.

A Notario in Mexico is the only official that can transfer title to real estate. A Notario here is an advanced type of lawyer who facilitates the transfer of real property.
He/She is licensed by the State Government, after extensive training and an internship.
He/she is an agent of the government for the purposes of collecting Capital Gains taxes from the seller if any are due.
He/she drafts your deed sees that it properly recorded in the appropriate government office.
Once recorded he/she makes arrangements for the original recorded deed to be given to you as a permanent record of your ownership.
Exclusive Buyer’s Realtor after the sale services :
Our team is happy to assist even after the sale with seeing that utilities are transferred into your name, recommending a trusted locksmith to change locks (a good idea as a rule), recommending moving firms, and miscellaneous other services to help you get settled in to your new home.
I hope this article was enlightening to you. It’s something most home shoppers don’t realize, so help us spread the word.
Have more questions? I hope so.
E-mail me today at Sid@ChapalaClub.com and I’ll answer them all. Please put “Chapala” as the subject line, because I want to find your e mail right away and answer it pronto.
Siempre tu amigo,


Email for more information:

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