Staying Connected at Lake Chapala, Mexico

March 21, 2012

Like in the USA there are a variety of plans from different providers.
The provider with the best overall service in my opinion is TelMex which is the provider of local land line telephone service here as well.
Like in the USA they like to bundle services and sell you a package of products.
I’ve been here long enough I remember the days of dial up service and loss of signal was a regular occurrence.
Thankfully those days are behind us.
I’m a bit out of town but it’s my understanding that we have a fiber optic line out to our development and this line then ties into the local telephone lines and on to the individual homes.
OK, Here’s what I get in my package of services for 599 Pesos a month or at press time $46.98 USD.
● 200 local telephone calls of unlimited duration
● 100 minutes to the U.S.A.
● Per minute calls to foreign countries for 1 peso per minute or   about   13 cents
● Hi Speed Internet with modem and WiFi
There’s a plan with more bells and whistles for 999 Pesos (which I did have.) I can’t tell the difference in speed if there is a difference, so I saved myself 400 pesos or over $31 USD a month.
Stock day traders often have more than one Internet system as a back- up.
I’m happy with my service and as you can imagine I’m on line several hours each day.
I also currently use Skype, Vonage, and Magic Jack on my Internet and all work well.
So, you can stay as connected as you want to be here at Lake Chapala.
Here's  a screen capture of a recent speed test I performed on my PC.



  • Maureen Thomson

    My husband and I are online every day for 6-8 hours running our US-based business. We’ve found that TelMex DSL is too slow to sustain our Skype calls (upload speeds are too slow and our callers can’t hear us). Numerous trips and calls to TelMex have resulted in “that’s the best we can do.” Like many (and like you mentioned), we have both Telecable (broadband) and TelMex as a back-up. When you rely on a stable and fast Internet connection for your daily bread, having only one option here in Mexico is a dicey proposition.

    With the two services combined, we find that our Internet needs are met 95% of the time. It really does depend (literally) on the street where you live. Some folks swear by TelMex. We, however, have not had the best of luck with them.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Maureen,

    You make some excellent points. For folks who MUST have first class service and connections for business I encourage our readers to check out the service not just in a particular neighborhood, but at the exact home they might be considering to buy or rent. Thanks again for your wise counsel.

  • Marines Bengoa

    Hi, Mr. Grovsvenor,

    Do you know of any puertoricans living in Chapala or Ajijic?

  • Sid Grosvenor

     HI Marines,

    We have a very diverse group of retirees from all over the world.

    I don’t personally know of anyone from Puerto Rica.

    You will love it here. A blend of North American culture and Latin culture.

    Hope you come for a visit. Tu amigo, Sid

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