Feeling Overwhelmed with So Much Lake Chapala Information?

June 20, 2012

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed by All the Information About Lake Chapala? Not Sure Just Where to Start?

Here’s How to Get Started.

Hi Everyone, This is more common than you might think.

Information Overload is a fact of life these days with hundreds of TV channels, Face Book, Twitter, Pinterest plus all the blogs, websites, and books available at the push of a button.

Where do you start? There are several ways to get started. The easy way doesn’t require any planning, or consultation or much in the way of thinking. I call that the

“jump off into the deep end way”.

Sure it’s easy, but it’s also risky. The mind that’s overwhelmed tends to be confused, frustrated, and often shuts down and tunes out.

This way works for some folks, but most people find that they miss a lot of good information and the result is that they make poor choices like “using the wrong agent, giving up and going home for lack of clarity, etc.

Some folks read a lot before they arrive. That’s fine, but you can read contradicting Information and without experience how do you know what to believe.

Some people go to very expensive seminars which are good, but they tend to see our area through rose colored glasses and leave out the negative things (yes there are some and the things that they don’t tell you could be a deal breaker for you).

Here’s Sid’s Easy Three Step Plan

Step 1
My advise is simple: Sit down and make a list of the things that are important to you in a retirement location.

Don’t over do the list. Most people can summarize the most important things to them in about 7 to 10 sentences.

Here’s a example of a such a list.

1. Live well on ____________ USD/or Canadian or less.
2. Good communication infrastructure (Modern telephone system both land line and cell system, English Language Television Stations, etc.)
3. Friendly Natives that are not angry with the USA or Canada
4. A stable government. Sound currency. Descent Weather Year Around
5. Banking Services Available in English
6. Affordable Local Health and Dental Care
7. Good transportation system + allows foreign plated cars
8. Opportunity for water sports, golf, tennis, hiking trails, etc.
9. Easy Access to an International Airport
10.Large enough North American community to allow a nice social life.

This list is just an example. Your list could be very much the same or totally different.

Step 2:

Now you can read, check websites, talk to advisors and determine if our area has the things that are important to you.
Put  a check mark by the things on your list once you've confirmed those things are here at Lake Chapala.

Caution: Be sure and get information from more than one source.

Step 3

Armed with this information you can determine if a personal visit is worth the time, money and energy.

If it’s borderline my advice is to come on down anyway. Why? Because the worst case
scenario is that you will have had a nice vacation and confirmed your suspicions.

Best case scenario is that you will fall in cautious love with Lake Chapala and can begin to do plan just when and how you can make a new wonderful retirement lifestyle here like so many of us have already done.

Of course I’m happy to give you my input and answer your questions truthfully and completely.

Some agents and some seminars lie by omission. I’ll tell you the things that you would want to know… if you knew enough to ask.


You can find out if our area is right for you. You can do it! I can help!

All for now,


Email for more information:

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