How Some Lake Chapala Realtors Trick You into Believing They Represent You

August 4, 2012

Hi Everyone,

It’s Sid Grosvenor here. I’m just 1 of only 4 Exclusive Buyer’s Only Realtors at Lake Chapala. Myself and 2 ladies I work with are 3 of the 4.

There are well over 100 Realtors at Lake Chapala plus many more real estate agents that are not referred to as Realtors.
What's the difference? The ones that are referred to as Realtors are all members of the Chapala Association of Realtors and have been trained by the group, pay a yearly fee to be a member and subscribe to a code of conduct.
Within this group there is no official recognition of “Buyers Only Realtors” as in some Real Estate markets in the USA.
Each Realtor determines if he/she will represent just sellers or just buyers or try to do both. The vast majority try to do both.
Nothing wrong with this. The potential problem is that when you
Inquire about a given property at a real estate office or speak with a Realtor at an open house or are even introduced to one by a friend that “some” of them will not disclose to you when you’re inquiring about any given property if they are the “listing agent” or if the property is “listed by the firm they work at.”
There is no “legal” obligation to do this as far as I know in Mexico. Anyone can sell real estate in Mexico and there is no government licensing board at the state or federal level.
There are private groups that band together to do their best to bring a professional approach to real estate in Mexico, like our local Chapala Association of Realtors of which I’ve been a member for many years.
Now, let me explain the title of this article to you. Remember I said “some” Realtors trick you. Fortunately these are far and few between when we’re talking about “overt” intentional tricks and there’s a complaint process within our group to deal with this situation when you feel you’ve been intentionally mislead or worse to your detriment.
So, what am I talking about in this article? Just this. You need to know (and if you don’t ask you may not be told) just who the Realtor you’re talking to represents.
So, you should ask. "Is this your listing? Are you representing my best interests or those of the seller?" Beware, if they tell you they can handle both sides of the transation. If it’s their listing the chances are they want to try and be fair to both parties, but wouldn’t you feel better if your Realtor represented your best interests and did not have to “try to be fair to both sides”.
I do not earn one dime more to sell my clients any particular listing by any particular agency including the one I’m associated with. My only clients are potential buyers.
So, when you’re thinking about Real Estate at Lake Chapala, Mexico I hope you think of me, the Buyer’s Only Realtor who has been a Buyer's Only Reator longer than all the others.
By the way there’re never a fee to you for my real estate services. Do I work for free? No, but that’s another story.
I’ll be happy to explain how I’m compensated when we talk.
Here’s how to reach me. E mail me at or call me Toll Free at 1 -855 242 7252. Please leave a message if I don’t answer and I’ll get back to you ASAP.
All for now.


Email for more information:

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