Sell Your Home Faster, For More and With Less Hassle

August 31, 2012

Sell Your Home Faster, For More and With Less Hassle
Hi Everyone, Sid Grosvenor here with some tips on selling your home in any market. I’ve bought and sold a lot of homes over the last 50 plus years as a homeowner, real estate broker and real estate investor and I want to share a few tips that while not new are frequently ignored.
We’ve all heard that it’s a good idea to at least give needed areas a fresh coat of paint. This is good advice and still holds true, but there’s more so keep reading.
Emotions – Put them aside if you want to sell your home faster, for more and with less hassle.
The potential buyer really doesn’t care about your memories etc. connected with the house. I know you may feel quite attached to your home and it’s a bitter sweet idea to be parting with it in some cases. Remember it’s business savvy that will sell your “house” not your past memories.
Translation: Take down all the family photos, forget that your neighbor’s house sold for more than your realtor says you can sell yours for … even though their house is not as nice as your house.
They no doubt think it should have sold for even more.
The idea is to depersonalize your house which gives prospective buyers the ability to imagine their furniture
and things in the property. It’s about them, not you.
Along this same line is to de-clutter, clear out, call Goodwill to come take away unneeded items, hold a series of garage sales, and or give away what ever will not contribute toward the sale of your "house."
(Notice I stopped saying your "home" as I'm trying to get you to think of it as a "house" competing with all the other houses out there.)
If there are some things you can’t part with, but know will not
contribute to the sale, rent storage areas  for these iems until it’s time to move.
Stuffed closets are one of the worst offenders so don’t forget them.
Yes, it’s that important !
You will be surprised how much better your home will show if you do this.
Next is painting to freshen up dull areas and making minor repairs. This again is common wisdom. There’s a reason it’s common wisdom… It works!  The smell of fresh paint can give a new home sense to your older home.
The next stage is optional but if you really want to pull out all the stops read on. It requires you to have a sense of form, balance and light, In otherwords you need to access the inner artist in you.
This is also called “staging” so that furniture is placed where it looks best (probably not where some of it is now). You can check out books at your local library, get help from a friend who’s good at this type of thing.. or hire a pro. You likely can find a pro to come in and give you an analysis for under $100.00.
Part of staging involves lighting so may include changing window treatments to allow light to enter better to highlight the homes best features.
Finally, don’t neglect the outside and the yard. Yards and gardens can be staged as well.
Your local landscape firm may be willing to give you garden tips. A pretty garden speaks of more to come on the inside and calls out – "Come look inside!"
In Summary, A little time, money and effort spent now can result in a faster sale for more money and allow you to move on with your dream of moving to Lake Chapala sooner with more money in your pocket.
I sincerely hope this helps you. As you can tell I didn’t sugar coat my advice to you and I will not sugar coat the advice I'll give you about life here at Lake Chapala either.
The best way I can help you is to tell you like it is.


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