Lake Chapala Immigration Update

November 7, 2012

Hi Everyone. As the Lake Chapala Information Guy I do my best to stay informed about all things Lake Chapala.
So, here's the latest information quoted below I have on changes in immigration laws obtained from a local website on November 6, 2012 deemed reliable.
“As of Friday you will not be able to go from a visitor visa to temporary or Permanent Resident from within Mexico. You will have to apply at a consulate or a Mexican Immigration office at the border. Below are the fees.


I. Visitante with no permission to perform gainful activities: $295.00

II. Visitante with permission to perform gainful activities: $2,350.00

III. Visitante Regional: $295.00

IV. Visitante Frontier – worker: $295.00

V. Visitante for the purpose of adoption: $2,280.00

Residente Temporal

The "Temporary Resident" visa is available for up to four years.

Some sources say it's up to Immigration to decide how many years to give you, although it could also be your choice as the fee increases for more years.

1 year: 3130 pesos (about US$ 240)

2 year: 4690 pesos (about US$ 360 or $180/yr)

3 year: 5940 pesos (about US$ 456 or $152/yr)

4 year: 7040 pesos (about US$ 540 or $135/yr)

The one year visa is significantly more than the existing FM3 visa.
 It makes sense to get the maximum number of years possible in most cases, especially as that will avoid having to get renewals each year.

Residente Permanente

Under the new rules it appears far easier to get the "Permanent Resident" (=Immigrado) visa than before. And it will save money! This is the best option for all that are eligible.

This is available after 4 years or less if married to a Mexican, have a specified amount of points (system for points unavailable as
of today), etc. Time with a FM-2 should count towards Residente Permanente.
Once only: 3185 pesos (about US$ 245)”
Please check with your own immigration specialist or lawyer before taking action.    Siempre tu amigo, Sid
  • Judith

    Sid, are “Visitante” fees posted here in Pesos?Thanks!

  • Sid Grosvenor

     Hi Judith, The article I found did not state, but I did the math and they must
    certainly be stated in Dollars. I did not correct this as I wanted to quote the
    article correctly. Hope this helps. Things can still change as things progress.

    I will try to keep up and post what I learn. Tu amigo, Sid

  • Ian Lerner

    Sid, unless I have somehow missed it……….what are the Tourist Visa’s costing then? And what are the times that one can be in the country before having to leave and also how long do you have to be out of country before one can re-enter? 


  • Sid Grosvenor

     HI Ian, The Article did not address this. I’ve not heard of any changes in Tourist visa process so for now it’s the same. Up to 6 months and then you must leave before you can renew… but this will probably change. Tu amigo, Sid

  • Hon. Edmund IV DaHinten

    Thank you!

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