2013 Mexico Immigration Rules Evolving

January 5, 2013

Hi Everyone,
Let me recap prior articles on the new immigration law and then add the latest information emerging.

Temporary Resident - a stay of one year: Renewable = income requirement is approximately $1,900 USD per month.

No word if this is per couple or per individual. I suspect this will be for a couple, but we’re not sure yet. See more below on this.

However the new law does have a provision for a net worth of $96,000 USD in lieu of the monthly income requirement. I believe that they will factor in a combination of net
worth and monthly income, but we’ll have to wait to see.
Permanent Resident:  Approximate income requirement jumps to $2400 USD per month.

Proof of sufficient personal investments calculated over the prior year is acceptable for this status. (Approximately $120,000 USD).
If you already have what we call an FM 2 or FM 3 resident permit you will not have to leave Mexico and apply for the new status once your current permit expires. You can do that here at Lake Chapala, and even better you will NOT have to meet the new income requirements.
This is very good news. 
If you're applying as a new resident more good news is that (if I understand what I've read correctly) that one spouse can use his/her spouse's income or assets to help you qualify to meet the financial requirements.
No need to have a temporary resident permit before applying for a permanet resient permit.
But, if for example you can only qualify for a Temproary Resident Permit and you do so for 4 years then you automatically qualify for a Permament Residenmt Permit. This is a way to eventually gain Permament Resident Status even if initually you may not be able to meet the
financial obligations.
My advice would be to choose the maximum number of years possible under the new law if you only qualify for a Temporary Resident Permit because once it expires you must exit Mexico and apply at a Mexican Consulate in the USA or Canada.
There's no limit on the number of times you can do this.
Property ownership in Mexico can be used to help meet the financial qualifications. You'll
need your deed and proof of property taxes paid.
If you've already applied for your new resident permit it likely will be some time before your
actual card is ready to be picked up as they will now all be made in Mexico CIty and returned
to the processing center where you submitted your original paper work.
There's already a significant backlog.
Final Note: For more information or clarification please consult your own Immigration Specialist. You now know what I know. I'll continue to update this information as I become
aware of corrections, changes, and updates.
All for now, Siempre tu amigo, Sid
  • Gypsyruth38

    International Living has been touting Ecuador as “the” place to retire.  No. 1 of 22 places, with Mexico listed as #4.  I was contemplating just a visit there to see what it is like but on further research, I think I would RUN the other direction.  Mexico is by far the better, safer, not to mention closer to the part of the USA I’m from.  Having spent a year in Mexico previously and loved it, I would recommend it any day.

  • Jackie Martinez

    Sid, are there different immigration laws for those married to a Mexican Citizen?


  • http://www.facebook.com/SidGrosvenor Sid Grosvenor

     Hi Jackie,

    As far as I know the only benefit with immigration for being married to a Mexican
    National is that you can cut the time down it takes to become a Mexican Citizen. The last I knew it could be cut from 4 years full time in Mexico to 2 years.

    Not sure if this is still the law now. Tu amigo, Sid

  • Jeannie Kezlan

    I am one of many , I am sure, who have just received Permanent Resident Visa….Now…..
    I am getting no information as to what to do with my USA car with a permanent resident visa…….Also my car insurance is due to expire in March so how do i renew that ?  I have been on this computer all morning trying to find answers.  So far no one knows……Sid, you always seem to have ideas and are generous to share even though I do not live at Lake Chapala……….any help appreciated here ……thank you, Jeannie

  • Jeannie Kezlan

    sorry Sid,,,,,,,,i am a registered use of this site ……i just forgot to look…

  • http://www.facebook.com/SidGrosvenor Sid Grosvenor


    Hi Jeanne, I found this on line. Hope it helps, Sid


    “After several calls to Aduana regarding Permanent Resident talked with
    Juan Manuel de la Vega. His phone numbers are: 442-227-0013 and 442-227-0100
    and extension 62343 for the second number regulations. Aduana is now writing
    laws to tie in with the new Immigration laws. Aduana, SAT (Hacienda) and
    Immigration are tying in their computer data bases but will take time. For now,
    if you have a foreign plated car and a Permanent Resident visa do not worry. In
    the future if need be, Aduana will send letters to those they want to remove
    their foreign plated cars from Mexico.
    Those details have not been finalized. The time frame to remove will not be
    limited to a few days but a longer period yet to be finalized.”

Email for more information:

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