Moving to Lake Chapala: Bringing Your Pets – Part 4

February 2, 2013

Hi Everyone,
A word about traveling with cats and dogs. When you enter Mexico, you may or may not be asked for proof of propr vaccinations.
I’ve never been asked for the appropriate veterinarian papers, but you should have them, just in case. Never volunteer the papers as they may find something not to their liking.
I’ve always have had them—but I’ve never been asked for them. I’ve brought in many dogs over the years helping my clients.
I’ve brought in 13 dogs helping clients and a few kitty cats.
Have your rabies papers that show that your furry friend(s) have had their rabies shots and they’re current. That’s all you’ll ever need.
Some of the hotels will accept pets, but that’s another reason to use one of the motels, because you know, if the pet’s well behaved and it’s quiet, the clerk at the window or slot where you put your money through is not going to know whether you have a pet or not in the car.
One thing I used to do when I would help clients to bring in pets, would be to park away from the office and then walk up to the office and tell the person at the check-in counter that we’d like a room at the back because we wanted to be away from the road noise.
Now the other reason we wanted a room at the back was that we did not want the clerk to see the pet or pets.
It was a sort of a don’t ask, don’t tell situation.
Now I’m not trying to play against the rules or anything like that, but if the clerk sees the pet and if the owner has a rule against pets you may not get to stay there.
But even if he doesn’t have a rule against it and the clerk doesn’t know for sure, he wants to be on the safe side, so he’ll tell you no.
You know your pet is well behaved and you’re not going to allow it to do any damage, and if it did, you’d be nice enough to own up to it and pay for the damage I’m sure.
If you park at the back, they’re unlikely to see you shuffle your pet into the room. We have, on occasion, left the pets in a locked vehicle overnight.  This procedure gives protection for the vehicle and with a slightly opened window air for the pets.
Before retiring for the night we walked them and early the next morning we walked them again, fed and watered them and they did just fine. All 10 of them! My client raised the dogs for sale and brought her business with her to Mexico.
It’s not easy for a pet to do much in the way of damage because the typical tile floors. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, the hotels, especially the less expensive ones, will not have exquisite furniture or anything, so it would be very hard for a pet to do any real damage.
If they do happen to see you and say, “Oh, you can’t have a pet,” offer to give them a pet deposit. Of course, if they insist, well you just have to move on.
There are a few places that welcome pets that you can probably find  online. There are more and more hotels that are pet friendly all the time.
Pet friendly hotels are even beginning to catch on in Mexico. You probably should research that online at the time you’re making your trip. Some will stop being pet friendly and others will be added, so it’s best to check that online.

All for now,   Siempre tu amigo, Sid

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