Casa Luna de Miel on the South Side of Lake Chapala

March 13, 2013

Hi Everyone,  Today I want to share a look at the South Side of Lake Chapala with you through the eyes of a Canadian lady, Carol and her husband Ian (aka Mr. Wonderful) who has a very good blog called "Casa Luna de Miel" and I highly recommend you subscribe to this blog, especially if the South side of Lake Chapala is of interest to you.


Her name is Carol and his name is Ian, aka Mr. Wonderful.

This blog keeps me posted on the South side. Over the years I've sold four homes on the South side while most Realtors have sold ZERO homes on the South side. So, enjoy this look at the South Side. The following quoted blog post talks about the Cost of Living on the South Side. So, here's Carol….

"We've been here on Lake Chapala, Mexico for almost two months now.  I want to point out some items that we have been buying.  All pesos are calculated at 12:1; 12 pesos to 1 dollar Canadian.



We are keen to buy on our side of the Lake, the southside.  We not only want to support our local businesses, we want to buy here because goods and services are generally priced more for the Mexicans than foreigners.  We are adapting to domestic brands of products.  Imported products have high added duties and are more expensive.

We were out shoppig and



- We stopped at the totorellia in Jocotepec.  They make tortillas from 100% corn and that's all they make.  We can watch the entire process.  I bought a kilo of 6" tortillas for $11 pesos, about .90 cents, there were 32 tortillas (the package on the blue bag in the photo).  They were still warm when I got  them home.  The nice young lady was very gracious with my terrible Spanglish.



- We buy lots of groceries at the Aurora Bodega in Jocotepec.  It is the low end of Wal-Mart, if you can imagine that.  It is very basic with a reasonable variety.  I have learned that if I see it, I should buy it, it may not be there next week.  For example; wine.  I buy Concha y Toro, Sauvignon Blanc Reservado for $75 pesos or $6.25/bottle whenever there is some on the shelf.



- The domestic vodka and gin is "Oso Negro" or black bear.  1L of vodka is $60 pesos or $5 CAD.  1L of gin is $93 pesos or $7.75 CAD.  Mr. Wonderful thinks I should drink more vodka and less wine.



- Lean ground beef was $59 pesos/kg.  We bought 2 packages to make chimichungas, $68.45 pesos for both.  1.16 kgs or 2.5 pounds for $5.60 CAD.



- medium sized beefsteak-type tomatoes were $2 pesos each, about $.16 cents and taste so good.  We were in Wal-mart in Ajijic a couple of weeks ago where Roma tomatoes were $4.40 pesos per kilo!  About $.18 cents a pound!  I bought Romas at Aurora Saturday for $.45 cents for .640 kilos/1.4 pounds.   $5 pesos for a big bunch of cilantro = $.41 cents.  A plastic bottle of Heinz catsup (Mr. W. had to have Heinz) was $11.90 pesos, about a dollar for 14 ozs, about 400 grams.



Tiangas (street market) day is Thursday in Jocotepec and we will be going next week.  We will be able to judge the difference in prices from the Bodega.  There is a esthetician in Jocotepec.  I want so see how much a pedicure is.  We also want to venture farther east down the lake to Tizapan and Tuxcueca.  We will likely be the only white people in the market.  We were at the market when we were here on a vacation and certainly will go back.

You may know Mr. Wonderful is rather particular about his beer.  He is determined to find a good beer at the best price and it has become his mission.  He has been buying Indio beer for $101 pesos per dozen bottles.  About $8.40 CAD per dozen or .70 cents per beer.



One day, at Aurora Bodega a large group of ladies were gathered around a door going back into the bakery.  I knew something great must be coming so I waited.  Sure enough, a baker rolled out a cart filled with fresh rolls.  They are called "bolillos", a large crusty roll and are very good.  I picked them warm from the cart.  It must have been quite the scene: a big, white oddly dressed woman amoung the small, traditionally dressed ladies shopping that morning.  Bolollos are $1.30 pesos each or about $.11 cents.

We bought some materials for growing some vines along the west fence.  The hardware store in San Luis is owned by a very nice gentleman named Don Jesus.  His store is in the front space and car park area of his house.  When we go in, we can see into his living space; the kitchen and sleeping area.  When we go we learn a bit more Spanish and a bit more of the customs.  The "Don" is like "Mister" in our culture and indicates respect for someone older.  We bought 6 pieces of 5/8" steel rod (like rebar), 21 meters long and 5 kgs of wire to hold up the vines.  All for $720 pesos, delivered out to our house. $60 CAD.



We paid our TelMex bill the other day.  We have a land-line and internet with TelMex.  We don't have a choice; it is a monopoly thanks for Mr. Carlos Slim, one of the richest men in the world.  Our bill for a month was $468 pesos or about $39 CAD.  Mr. Wonderful, amoung his many talents, is a techno-geek.  He set our TV up to stream the hockey game live from the CBC.  Last time he tried our bandwidth couldn't handle it and buffered too much.  On our last trip into Ajijic we stopped at the TelMex store and upped the bandwidth for $10 pesos per month.  We watched the hockey game Saturday.  We are  reluctant to hook up the satellite dish we brought from Canada. 

Looks like we may not have to, at least for now.

Our highest expense is the electrical bill.  CFE, again a monopoly, bills every other month.  We have been trying to control our consumption, to see if we can get below the +/- $3,000 peso bill for 2 months.  It works out to about $125-150 CAD per month.  There is lots of solar system sales guys around here and rightly so.  It may be very attractive for us.  We are looking into it.



Fuel is sold by Pemex, yes, another monopoly.  There are Pemex stations everywhere.  I don't recall the price per litre, but it is consistent all over.  The stations are full serve and the attendant will wash windows, check oil, etc., just like the old days in Canada.

I will tell you about some one time purchases in a later post"



Hope you enjoyed a glympse of the South Side of Lake Chapala.

Siempre tu amigo,Sid

















  • Casalunademiel

    Hello Sid and thank you so much for the kind words and your appreciation of my blog.
    All is well on the southshore this morning.  My new birdbath has regular and new visitors every day.  It is a bit overcast but still beautiful, quiet and peaceful. 

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Carol,

    Thanks for your nice words. I’ve referred your blog to a contact that’s eager to check out the South Side. I enjoyed your description of your home and area.

    Sounds like you’re really enjoying your new life. If you’d like more exposure for your blog send me your photo, and the occasional short post (500 to 800 words) and I’ll add you to our list of guest authors. We have about 800 subscribers now and many who just stop by from time to time.

    All for now. Siempre tu amio, Sid

    PS. Say “Hola” to Mr.Wonderful for me.

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