Choices, Choices and More Choices at Lake Chapala, Mexico

March 2, 2013

Hi Everyone,
Wow, the modern internet has made it much easier to research places to retire. Not sure if this is a good thing or not?
I say this because it’s easy to get “Information Overload
Back in the nearly dark ages when the internet was still in it’s infancy I began my own search for a retirement location even before there was a “Google”. (Google came on line in 1998).
I always was inclined toward Mexico after my first trip South of the border in 1961 with 4 high school buddies.
Way back then no one took “Senior Trips” after graduating from High School (except perhaps a trip to the employment office).
Not sure, but 3 of my buddies and I may have begun the tradition. We climbed into my slick 1949 Caddy and off we went. Arriving in Mexico City after an adventuresome trip (no toll roads back then) I almost at once decided that someday I would live in Mexico.
The great weather, the pretty senoritas, and the feeling of freedom (no one asked us if we were 21 when ordering a beer) convinced me even at 18 years old that this was the place for me.
Fast forward 36 years to 1998 when my wife and I decided Lake Chapala was to be on our short list for retirement.
Well, I’m living my dream and have been since discovering Lake Chapala all those many years ago for many of the same reasons I liked Mexico on that first trip to Mexico City.
Great weather, pretty senoritas (The Second Great love of my life is a Senorita named Arcelia), and the feeling of freedom to live life on my terms.
Lake Chapala offers a lot more than Mexico City because instead of a 26 plus hour drive from Dallas back in 1961 I can now hop on a jet and be in Dallas in about 3 hours.
Since 1961 I’ve added to my list of important things in a place to live high quality health care and plenty of things to do to stay active.
Lake Chapala has all the things important to me and I think that it likely has all the things important to you as well.
Lets talk about your wants, needs and desires in a place to retire. You may find that Lake Chapala is right for you. And, I promise that if I think you would not be happy here I’ll tell you so.
As hard is it is for me to believe there are some folks who just would not be happy here. An estimated 20,000 plus North Americans call it home… so we’ve got something going on here worth your time to check us out.
You can do it… and I can help. Let’s find out together.
It will be fun and easy. Lets get started. Lets set up an old fashioned telephone chat on my nickel. (I really do remember when I could call home from a pay phone for a nickel).
Just drop me an e-mail to with the subject line, “Interested” and include your telephone #, time zone and the best time to call you in your time zone.
I’ll confirm by return E Mail and we’ll get started right away.
All for now, Siempre tu amigo, Sid

Email for more information:

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