Dreaming of a Dream Retirement, But Not Sure You Can Pull It Off?

March 20, 2013

You know the kind of dream I mean… one where you can live comfortably (some would even call it luxuriously) on a modest pension of $2500 USD a month or a lot less.
Living in a place where the government is not your “Big Brother”. A place that’s very popular with North Americans and savvy retirees from all over the world, but not a tourist trap.
A place few come for vacation, or if they do, they often come back to live?
Dear ChapalaClub.com subscriber or welcome Guest,
If you’re familiar with my articles you know I do my best to be informative with as little hype as possible. What I mean by that last statement is that I know that sometimes what I say sounds like “Hype” but my love of this area is so strong that I have to restrain myself (but not much) from sounding well, “hypy”.
Ok, back to your situation. If you already live at Lake Chapala then this article is not directly for you, but it’s a good reminder of just how blessed you are to live here, or to forward to family and friends back home who still may think you’re a bit crazy for having made the plunge to live in Mexico.
They love you and just want the best for you. Get them to come for a visit and their fears will likely dissolve.
Now, for those of you who do not live here yet or may never have even visited, the rest of this article is mainly for you. So, please sit back and relax and envision your life here as you read on.
You really can turn your dreams into reality. I hope to help you do it.
Currently with either more cuts or higher taxes or both in the USA you’re thinking about trying to retire, because you’re READY, or soon will be, but given how far your retirement income is likely to go where you live now or almost anywhere in the USA, you know that you’ll have to give some things up, cut back on expenses, eat out less, keep driving your current car, take up a part time job if you can even find one, etc. etc.
Or: perhaps you’re almost ready to give up on your dreams about a home in a warm, but not hot climate, where you could be active outdoors, make new friends and afford to live a much better lifestyle after retirement than before … and have sentenced yourself to working until you physically can’t get out of bed.

If any of this sounds familiar … Erase those negative thoughts from your mind unless your mind is closed entirely to moving outside the USA or Canada. Even if you'd prefer not to move outside of North America, humor me and read a bit more.
Ok, now rewind to those wonderful thoughts of a comfortable retirement. You know the one you dreamt of. Those dreams can still become reality for you.

Now for the next few minutes, forget about the bills, high taxes, big insurance bills, high costs of medical care etc. Also forget about shoveling snow or living under expensive AC trapped inside your house in the summer.
Forget the shrinking value in real terms of your nest egg or the loss of equity in your home paid for or not.
If you’re an American, put aside the uncertain times that you’re facing with those who stay in the USA.
OK, So far good. Next recall your dreams. Recall your plans of how your retirement years were supposed to plan out. Living life on your terms. Doing what you want when you want to do it, knowing that your pension would provide the lifestyle you had in mind.
Recall what your future looked like in your retirement dream?
Are you swaying in a hammock in a warm, sunny place with a climate not unlike Hawaii, but without the humidity or super high prices of Hawaii.
A place close to the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, but not on the beach where for much of the year the humidity is unbearable, but close enough to drive to in half a day when the weather is nice there.
Perhaps your dream includes having servants to eliminate the chores, having an active lifestyle with as few or as many friends as you choose. This place would of course be close to a major city for top notch health care, cultural events, historic places to visit, good shopping and have a near by International airport to make it easy for you to visit your family and for them to visit you.
I just described what many people only dream of. I just described my own actual lifestyle at safe, beautiful and affordable Lake Chapala, Mexico.
This lifestyle or one very close (altered a bit to fit your own situation) can in fact be had… for a lot less money than anything similar in the USA or Canada.
Send me an e mail with your thoughts, concerns and plans. (see below)
I promise to tell you like it is. Of course being a Buyer’s Only Realtor I would delight in helping you find just the right home here and in many other ways being of service to help make your dreams come true, but I frankly do not need to work, but when you love to do what you do…it's not really work.
Now, that doesn’t mean I will not work very hard to earn your trust, to tell it like it is, to help with rental advice and when the time is right for you… to help you find your dream home at safe, beautiful and affordable Lake Chapala.
Some people paint, draw, volunteer, join one or more of our service organizations, hang out with friends at the American Legion or the Lake Chapala Society.
Others are active in their chosen church here or helping the less fortunate Mexican families in the area. Still others enjoy working at one of our local animal shelters. Some folks don’t do any of these things. That’s cool too.
Here's what I do. I Share the Good News about Lake Chapala, Mexico. It’s close to a “calling” for me.
So, I hope you take me up on my offer to Share the Good News. I promise not to sugarcoat my answers. There are a few folks our area is not right for.
All for now, except to invite you to send me an email so we can set up a time to chat by telephone. Yes, of course I can also help by e mail, but good questions often need clarification and that’s much easier for both of us to do by telephone.
Don’t worry, You will not be bothered by telemarketer calls or anything like that. I respect your privacy and would never call you without permission. I hate those types of calls when I get them so I don't give them.
Our call will be like that of a new friend helping you to answer some important questions you have that the new friend has the answers to.
Yes, this has been a rather long post. Thanks for staying with me. There’s just so much I wanted to say, that I felt you should know. And…there's a lot more.
So, send me an e mail with the subject line "Talk With Sid" and I'll set up a toll free call at a time good for you to chat so I can answer your questions.
Here's my e mail address: Sid@ChapalaClub.com
All for now. Siempre tu amigo, Sid
  • Lady MacMahon-Firestone

    I am a CANADIAN and a WIDOW so this does not include me, right?

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