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May 1, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I suspect that many of you either subscribe to or at least read "International Living". Me too. I've even had a few paid comments of my own published in IL a number of years ago.

Years ago they talked a lot about Lake Chapala, but not much lately. My guess is that we're so easy to find now with various blogs and websites like and others that they're looking for other fields to plow, to sell their always interesting reports, conferences, etc.

I subscribed to IL when they were just a small print only newsletter. I still do.

I've spent tons of money over the years with them just because I love reading the articles and honestly seeing if there's some place even better to live than here at Lake Chapala.

Well, so far I've not found it… and doubt I ever will.

I was reading in IL today and here's a quote I want to share with you minus the Country which would be in the blank spot in the below quote,

"___________ has the best climate and the most affordable (and best value) real estate in the world. The cost of living is low—you'll rent a furnished two-bedroom apartment for $500 a month, eat out for $2.50, and pay $25 for an hour-long massage. Health care costs are much lower than in the U.S., too. And as a retiree you get special benefits like 50% discounts on airfares and utility bills.
It's easy to make friends; it's easy to get there from the U.S., and to stay in touch with the folks back home. And it's beautiful. You can live alongside miles of sandy Pacific beach, explore cloud forests, climb mountains, discover magnificent colonial cities, and shop for artisan crafts in verdant-green mountain villages…"

Sounds like a great place to live and it probably is (I've not been there).

As I read the above paragraphs I thought, this description perfectly fits " Mexico" and except the part about living by the ocean, it fits Lake Chapala too.
We're a whole 4 hour drive from the lush Mexican Pacific Riviera.

OK,  I know you want to know what country THEY filled the blank with. The answer is Ecuador.

Actually I think Lake Chapala, Mexico fits the description better. Particularly the part about  "easy to get to".

If you live in the Southern USA you can walk to Mexico (That's pretty easy) , you can drive to Lake Chapala from the Texas border in a day and a half (try driving to Ecador) and to get to Lake Chapala (Guadalajara International Airport (GDL) has direct flights from most USA gateway cites (Dallas, Houston, Denver, LA, & Atlanta) This is also easy. We're less than 3 hours from Dallas.

Ecuador is in another hemisphere and that just can't be easier than coming to Lake Chapala. See the map above of South America. (Ecador is the darker area to the left side of the map)

Am I biased? Sure I am. But, I think I have good reason to be. Check the internet for comments from non real estate folks on various blogs & ExPat sites and see what others are saying about Ecuador versus Lake Chapala. Let us know here what you find out.

All for now, Siempre tu amigo, Sid Grosvenor


  • Deanne

    Hi Sid

    Just read your post and thought I would tell you about a friend of mine who lives at Lake Chapala. She read the articles about Ecuador and decided to go to check out. She was there for three weeks. When she returned to Lake Chapala she said she wanted to kiss the ground. She said the weather is nothing like what we have at Lake Chapala – also there is no way near the number of wonderful restaurants. We also have so many different activities for retired people like Lakeside LIttle Theatre, Lake Chapala Society and MORE. Needless to say she decided she was going to stay put.

  • DonMiguel2

    Lake Chapala is better, no question. But Kathleen Pedicord and husband Lief are in the real estate business, not the reality biz, and that drives recommendations from IL.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Deanne, Thanks for your informative comments. Ecuador sounds
    good on paper and may be OK for more pioneer types. Prices seem a
    bit lower than here at Lake Chapala, but it’s still in the pioneer stage for
    most North Americans. Thanks again for keeping us informed.

    Tu amigo, Sid

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi DonMiguel2,
    Wise words. but I suspect they earn a lot more from seminars, info products and referral fees.
    Thanks for your input. Tu amigo, Sid

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