Life in the Happy Lane

May 8, 2013

Well, I’m back from the Big Apple. You’ve heard the phrase before I’m sure, “Great place to visit, but I would not want to live there!” is the perfect description from my perspective
I mean no offense to those who live in New York as I have a good friend who lives in the area. He likes Lake Chapala too, but admits he would not be happy living here in our little slice of paradise.
He’s a devoted BIG city kind of guy. I suggested Guadalajara to him.
When he visits our area he spends a good portion of his time there. I guess he gets “Big City Withdrawal” when he’s away from New York.
He comes to visit his Mom who would never dream of leaving Lake Chapala after 30 plus years of happiness here. He sees our area as life in the slow lane and he Likes life in the very fast lane.
I see living at Lake Chapala as living life in the happy lane. You see, I’m happy to pay my yearly home taxes for under $100 USD. In New York I paid $150 a night for just a so, so hotel room.
When I complained that my room was very cold and the thermostat did not seem to work I was told that they had turned off the heat two weeks earlier. They offered me another blanket.
I had enough blankets; I just did not have any heat!
Between Publicity Summit meetings (The reason I went to the Big Apple)
I took advantage of mingling on the streets of New York City. The hotel was in a good location for walking. Near Penn Station, Madison Square Garden, a short walk to the Empire State building (great view of the tower from my otherwise lack luster hotel room) and full of all sorts of Ethnic food places from all over the world with the notable exception of Mexican Food.
I skipped the opportunity to ride an elevator to the observation deck at the Empire State Bldg at $25 USD.
I did meet 6 or 7 of New York’s finest and was impressed with their helpfulness and warmth. I guess it helped when I introduced myself as a “Retired Cop from Dallas”. 
I’ve been blessed to meet police officers from a number of countries. I almost got arrested in the UK once while taking a photo of a local police station, but that’s another story.
While walking in the very brisk morning air in late April I stopped at a street stand for a second morning cup of Joe, thinking it might warm me up.
It did warm me up some, but it also cost almost $2.00. I thought at the time I could have had a light lunch at a street stand in Chapala for the same money.
Like all big cities I saw some of the homeless sleeping in doorways bundled up as best they could be against the unseasonable cold nights, but was only panhandled once. 
I did my best when walking and gawking to blend in so as not to look like a Tourist (potential mark.)
That is, I walked very fast, made little to no eye contact, walked the traffic signals against the “Don’t Walk” lights with my fellow pedestrians (even in front of near by police officers).
The trip did accomplish what I wanted and more, if not all I had hoped for.
I had hoped to get booked on a National TV show (Dream big is my motto) and that did not happen. I did accomplish making a number of good contacts in the TV, Radio, Internet Radio, and Blogger world,
I learned how producers (the people who book guests and plan the segments that Americans and Canadians view everyday) think, the type of content they want, tips on how to get their attention, and just how they like to be
They speak their own jargon and it helps to get a booking if you understand the special jargon they use.
Thanks for letting me share a few thoughts on the Big Apple and why it confirmed my love for Lake Chapala.
Here’s a very short video for you which Illustrates some of the points
I made in this article.  Our next post will be back on track for Lake Chapala
All for now.
Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • MaryAnn

    Sid, I’m sorry you didn’t got booked on any of the TV networks, but don’t give up, keep trying. NO is the first thing NY executives say until you wear them down with persistence!! I hope you had a good time. I love NYC!! It was my sales territory back in my working days. It is expensive for sure but it is the one and only Big Apple. I think after living in Mexico we get “sticker” shock at the prices in the USA. I love living in Chapala because I can live a NY lifestyle on my little pensions!! OK maybe not exactly a NYC lifestyle but almost. :)

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi MaryAnn,

    Wow, Yes, we all gt sticker shock when we visit North America.

    I got most everything I’ve ever wanted by what I call the Law of Perseverance. Not original to me, but I’ve lived my life by it. I came
    close to dropping out of Law School a few times (hard to work 40 hours a week and go to Law School, and be a good husband and father

    all at the same time), but with the help of God and the sweet wife he provided I did it. So, this is the next challenge. Thanks for your wisdom.

    Tu amigo, Sid

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