Big Deal for Lake Chapala?

June 29, 2013

In a recent article in the Guadalajara Reporter Newspaper which reports on news important to us at Lake Chapala Jalisco State Governor Aristoteles Sandoval and National Water Commission (CNA) Director David Korenfeld have come to terms to construct the Purgatorio Dam on the Verde River.

Just how does this benefit Lake Chapala? As you may or may not know the water authorities have allowed water to be pumped for many years to Guadalajara for domestic use there.

A while back there was a proposal to double the size of the aqueduct from Lake Chapala to Guadalajara. Thankfully that meet with sustained resistance and has been shelved.

It might interest you to know that very little to no water is taken from Lake Chapala for use by the Lake Chapala towns and villages.

Now, we should not hold our collective breaths because a similar proposal was cancelled backing 2009 called the Arcediano Dam project that was planned for the Santiago River (just after its convergence with the Rio Verde) to the north of Guadalajara. This project was shelved in 2009 due to resistance by the communities affected there.

The newly proposed and agreed to project that could satisfy about two-thirds of Guadalajara’srea Guadalajara’s potable water needs.

The dam is to be built on the Verde River over the next three years about 15 miles East of Guadalajara, It will be called the Purgatorio Dam.

That would put it half way between Ixtlahuacan del Rio and Zapotlanejo. It would have a capacity of approximately 3.5 million cubic meters of water. The estimated cost of the dam and accompanying pumping system is 6.8 billion pesos (85 million dollars).

We wish the authorities well on this long overdue and much needed project. The benefit In our opinion would be enormous for Lake Chapala’s town, villages and people.

Tu amigo, Sid
  • spinoza

    Won’t a damn on the Verde River reduce water flows to Lake Chapala. Maybe I need a hydrolic map to understand this.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Spinosa, Sorry, I’m not smart enough to know, Let’s hope we get an extra heavy rainy season short of flooding to refill significantly our wonderful Lake Chapala. Tu amigo, Sid

  • Barry

    Where do Chapala and the other communities around the lake get their water if not from Lake Chapala? Thanks.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Barry, As far as I know, None of our towns, villages, or developments takes water from Lake Chapala. We all use deep wells and get good quality water.

    Guadalajara takes massive amount of water via pipe lines for their domestic
    water use. I her that due to faulty leaky distribution lines in Guadalajara that
    approximately 40% of the water leaks out before it arrives at homes there.

    I should point out that this info is several years old from an article I read. I hope the situation has been improved since then.
    If anyone has more recent information please share it here.

    Thanks, Tu amigo, Sid

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