Thinking About Retirement Planning?

June 22, 2013

Many folks are thinking that they will have to cut back, to do without the frills, to live frugally in order to make it on their retirement savings….
Due to the harsh reality that seems to be closing in on them in North America they pretty much have given up any hope of living their dreams of living a luxurious lifestyle on a medium or even small pension.
For many people this is the truth, but if you’re reading this, I think there’s a reason you’ve found this article. It’s going to introduce you to a a magical place where dreams really do come true. Let’s find out if it might be the solution that can make your dreams come true.
You know, the one’s you had and can have again about laying by the pool, hanging out with friends, finally having time for your hobbies and being able to pay the bills with money left over at the end of the month for travel and exploring the world.
PLEASE STOP WORRYING! Let’s hit the “Re-Set” button and start your planning for that luxurious retirement life of your dreams, but with one new factor that makes it all possible.
What’s the new factor? You have to be at least open to hearing more about a safe, beautiful place, that may just allow you to Live a Caviar Lifestyle on a Tuna Fish Pension. Just where is this place? I have an ‘OPEN’ mind.
OK, this magical place in is in MEXICO! Now before you click away, remember you have an ‘open mind’ remember? So, please hear me out, Good you’re still reading. Mexico, like the USA and Canada is a big country and has it’s share of places you would not want to live, let alone retire to. I’m sure you can think of those places.
The magical place I want you to focus on is “Lake Chapala, Mexico”. It has more than near perfect weather, good infrastructure, and a nearby International airport…. It has an estimated ExPat community of about 25,000 North Americans and savvy retirees from all over the world.
Not good with Languages? Don’t Speak Spanish? No Problem. Many Shop Keepers, Banks, and Businesses have bi lingual owners or employees. You can get by with very little Spanish. There are fun classes to take at the Lake Chapala Society and the American Legion.
Learning a new language is also good for your brain and will be good for your pocket book as well, because the more Spanish you know the more you will be able to save.
OK, let’s get to the bottom line. How much pension do I need. There are couples living on less, but you really should have a monthly pension income of $1500 USD.
If you have more than this GREAT, You can live even better.
Worried about making new friends? We’ve got you covered. There are over 50 English speaking organizations at Lake Chapala, including churches, service clubs, charities,  magazines, newspapers, and more.
Want to know more about Lake Chapala, please watch the below video..
Then, sign up to become a member of Look for the BIG RED Arrow on our homepage. It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s very informative. OK, now watch the video below. Leave me a comment below or send me an e mail to and let’s get started making your dreams come true, You can do it. I can help.

Siempre tuamigo, Sid

  • dancing queen

    first off, I luv u Sid but think u are misleading folks because a couple coming down here now with only 1500 month would never qualify to enter the country with a visa — a single person must prove 2500/mo income — at least that’s the way I understand it — once they get to the consulate in their home state, they will have a rude awakening….bank statements needed.

  • Mark

    Why no mention of Mezcala or Ocotlan? Looking at the map, they would seem to be possibilities.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Mark, Mezcala is a small town toward the East end of the North Shore of Lake Chapala. I don’t think many North Americans live there. A good day trip. Not very prosperous looking, but if your Spanish was good and
    you could get by without the infrastructure of Chapala or Ajijic it might work for some North Americans.

    Ocotlan is not popular with North Americans either. Principle industry there is making furniture. Neither place has any real estate listings.

    Either could work for folks wanting to off the beaten path a bit and who were willing to learn substantial Spanish.

    Both places should have good year around weather. Tu amigo, Sid

  • Sid Grosvenor

    There’s a category for Temporary Resident which only needs to show $1500 USD per month pension. But, this seems to be per person. The law is still evolving. No doubt each consulate will interpret the law a bit differently. There are couples living on $1500 a month (they have their home paid for). Then there’s always the Tourist Visa good for 6 months at a time. Appreciate your input, Dancing Queen. Tu amigo, Sid

  • Sandy Schoon

    We moved to Ajijic about 2 months ago. At the AZ consulate we also had to show original marriage license if married, bank statements showing one person making $2K a month. If the spouse’s income was less the spouse is then a dependant. Make sure all papers have your name on them. Right each consulate may interpret different. This was our experience in Tucson.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Sandy, Thanks very much for your post. This is what we need. First hand current reports which tel us the Consulate used and experience, Tu amigo, Sid

  • Pat

    Hi Sid, We live in Ajijic part time. We have the No Inmigrante status, issued for 1 yr. We want to get the 4 yr. “No Inmigrante” card so went to the Orlando FL immigration office. We were told in writing to bring 3 mo. of bank statements & other docs. such as passports, etc. When we arrived for our scheduled appt., after a long wait, we were told we needed 12 mo. of statements & they must be notorized by the bank. Bank of America said statements are not notorized – only signatures. Now Immigration in Orlando will not respond to our emails and the office in general does not answer their phone calls. Any suggestions? Our date of expiration is 25/10/2013. Also, I think the person stating $2500/mo required income per person is correct for any time longer than a 6 mo tourist visa. Of course, now after reading about the couple stopped and robbed just outside of Guad. has me alarmed. It is the same route we took in mid-April 2013. They sound just like us. A car stuffed to the roof with the same items we took home to FL, 2 dogs, they are both about our ages. I always said if the attacks started on the gringos – “I am outta here”. We may board our dogs & fly next time and just stay 3 mo. But any info. you have about the No Inmigrante 4 yr. card requirements would be greatly appreciated. Muchas gracias, Pat Wilson

  • Pam

    How does one go about retiring there when they are planning on using their pension + retirement funds totalling under $1600/mo. Sounds like my bubble got burst reading the comments below. I will have more than that initially when I plan to live there permanently, but was hoping to buy a house under 80K, then to live on my pension and a very small retirement fund which would be affordable, I believe. It sounds like it’s not going to be possible for me to do this since they have strict rules about having 2500/mo. income! Having a 6 mos. visa means having to leave for a long period of time correct? So that means paying for 3 months of living in the States right or does one have to stay out of Mexiico 6 months then can come back for 6? It’s very confusing and hard to understand how to strategize retiring there so any advice would be appreciated.

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