An Ex Pat is Interviewed about Lake Chapala, Mexico

July 10, 2013

Hi, I recently was chosen by a reporter to complete sn interview about why I chose to move "overseas". I hope the reporter uses my responses. I thought it might be of interest to our subscribrs and guests. So, without further adieu here are the questions asked and ansswered.
"Can you please tell us a little about your background. Where are you originally from and why did you first move overseas?
I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Degrees In Criminal Justice Administration and Law.
I’ve always loved Mexico since some buddies and I drove my 1949 Cadillac to Mexico City in 1961 just after graduating from High School.
You now live in Mexico, what took you there?
My first wife and I wanted to find a retirement have where my police pension would go a long way. After checking out various other places we decided on Lake Chapala, Mexico. She passed away before we could move there full time. I returned to Mexico and taught English where I met my current wife. She was in my first class.
What do you enjoy most about living in Mexico?
I love the low prices, the great year around spring weather, and the laid back lifestyle I have a Lake Chapala, Mexico.
What do you like the least?
That it takes longer to get things done, but with each passing year it bothers me less.
What are the three biggest lessons you have learned from your expat life?
1.    Learning to slow down and smell the roses.

2.    That friends and family are more important than ”stuff”.

3.    That you can re-invent yourself in many new fulfilling ways.

What advice would you give to someone who was relocating to an overseas country for the first time?
Do your due diligence. Talk expats who live where you’re considering. Read the latest books you can find written by Expats who live there. Skip the travel brochures. Join on line forums that cover the country you think might be right for you. Drill down to forums on the one place that you think may be right for you.
Due more research and then plan a discovery type vacation to the place of most interest to you.
While living abroad you have written a book. Please tell us more about the book’s content. 
The book is called “How to Live a Caviar Lifestyle on a Tuna Fish Pension. Safe, Beautiful, & Affordable Lake Chapala, Mexico”
The book covers the climate, weather, and location in Mexico, the cost of living on various budgets, driving, money exchange, immigration, internet/TV, Banking, Restaurants, Shopping for groceries, the various towns, villages, & developments where ExPats live, the ExPat clubs, activities and churches, B & B Inns, finding a rental, local real estate services and immigration options.
So, there’s a lot packed into its 178 pages. I think it’s also a fun read with at least one ‘war story’. It has some great color photos and a unique feature you will not find in many books today. I’ve a number of QR codes throughout the book which directly link to various videos tours like one of the Chapala Central Market which has been viewed over 16,000 times.
What prompted you to write it?
So many people have told me how much they’ve learned from me and that they appreciate me telling them like it is about Lake Chapala and told me I should write a book. So, I did.
How did you publish your book? Did you find an agent, a publisher or did you publish it yourself? Please describe your process and tell us how you found the experience.
I decided to self publish so I could do it “my way”. I did hire 2 book coaches which made the process much easier. But, it was still one of my most challenging experiences and took over a year to complete.
What tips can you offer to expatriates who are considering writing their own books? What’s next for you?I’m studying publicity now to help with the book sales. I also hope to write more books about Lake Chapala that cover specific topics in greater depth.
And finally, where can people buy your book? The book is being printed now. It should be available soon on www. and directly from me."


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