Friends, Friends & More Friends at Lake Chapala

August 14, 2013

I hope this message finds you and yours doing well. I’m visiting family and friends in Texas as I write this. It’s always nice to come for a visit, but each time I do I feel like I left a piece of my heart at Lake Chapala.
I’m blessed to live at Lake Chapala and not just for the low prices, the great weather, and glorious lake and mountain views but for all the friends I’ve made over the last 10 years.
I hope you have lots of friends where ever you are now, but if not and you’re the least bit social you will be sure to make a bunch of new friends at Lake Chapala. Why do I say this?
One reason is those that have come before you love Lake Chapala and are happy that you have chosen our area as well. Most of us delight in showing new comers the ropes, so to speak.
The nice folks at the Lake Chapala Society in Ajijic and the American Legion folks in Chapala are particularly helpful in helping you get settled into the area.
I hear someone saying to themselves, “ Yes, but I’m not a social butterfly.” That’s OK, there’s no pressure to join this or that group,or to participate in any organized group at all.
Maybe outside of a few personal friends and work friends (if you’re still working) and your family you are open to new friendships, but the hectic lifestyle in North America doesn’t exactly make it easy to
make new friends.
North America for much of the year has weather extremes that cause us to stay indoors for a large part of the year. Hard to make new friends sitting in front of your TV set or commuting in your car with windows rolled up and either the heater or AC on.

At Lake Chapala the beautiful year around weather just seems to pull us outdoors and when we see other North Americans it’s natural to say “Hello” and perhaps make a new friend.
If you’re single, there’s an active singles group, so who knows you may even find more than just a new friend.
Another great way to make new friends at Lake Chapala is to seek out one or more of our service clubs, or volunteer groups and then enjoy the fellowship of the group and helping others in some meaningful way.
With over 20,000 plus estimated North Americans living along the North Shore of Lake Chapala you have at least 20,000 people you can be friends with…..
But, don’t limit your potential new friends to North Americans, because there are approximately 31 different nationalities represented in the Lake Chapala Retirement community.
Don’t worry since most of them speak not just their native language , but English as well.
Last, but certainly, not least are the Mexican people themselves, our hosts, that are open to new friends too. A great way to practive your Spanish.
No, you don’t have to speak Spanish to live a very fulfilled and happy life at Lake Chapala… You Get To!
Learning Spanish is another way of making new friends and keeping your brain cells alive and well at the same time.

If we’re not already friends, a great way for us to become friends is to become a subscriber to, post comments, ask questions, and share your thoughts in the comment’s section.

Now, here's  a video of some friends clowning around a bit for the camera at a popluar local restaurant in Ajijic.

Tu Amigo, Sid


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