When Are You Going to Say, “Enough is Enough” ?

August 10, 2013

Let me tell you the Reader’s Digest version of when I said, Enough, is Enough.
Roll back the clock by just over 15 years ago because that’s when I retired from my career as a Dallas Police Officer.
I had enjoyed a 35 year career with the Dallas PD with all sorts of interesting assignments from beat cop to holding various command positions. Each was a new adventure, new skills to learn, new challenges to overcome and I truly treasure each of my assignments.
One thing I picked up along the way in my police career was a fascination with the law and how it works which led me to enroll in Southern Methodist University School of Law.
Talk about long hours. Between going to law school part time and being a full time police commander, husband and dad I was a very busy guy. Five years of this led to a Law Degree, followed by admission to the State Bar of Texas, followed by a 17 year part time practice in civil law (so as not to conflict with my criminal law police duties).
Both my civilian and police friends thought I would open a full time law practice when i retired ….
But, I decided after 35 years with the PD and burning the candle at 3 ends while either in Law School or practicing civil law for the last 22 of my 35 year year career with the PD that “Enough was Enough”.
After all I had a nice civil service pension, a smaller Social Security pension, real estate investments, a house and cars paid for and savings; so it was time to “chill out” and say, "Enough is enough".
Is it your time to “chill out”, time to pull the pin, time to say “Enough is enough”?
OK, I know I was very blessed to have a descent pension and unfortunately for many this is not the case these days.
But, I suspect that what ever you have it will be "Enough" if you choose to spend it here at
 Lake Chapala.
What ever your financial situation is you will be able to live a better, more fulfilled, and happier life at safe, beautiful, and affordable Lake Chapala in all probability than whereever you live now.
So, take it from a guy that could live a very comfortable life, even in high cost North America. I stll chose Lake Chapala.
I think you should too. You’ll find that at Lake Chapala the amount of your retirement pension is a lot less important because so much of what makes life great comes for free along with your decision to move here. And most of the stuff that's not free costs less than in North America like health care, insurance and home taxes.
I suspect, since you’re reading this, you’ve already heard about the year around great weather, the friendly local and expat community and of course the low cost of living, where even on a modest budget you can afford to have servants, but there’s so much more.
Life here takes on a new dimension of interesting things to do, ways to help the less fortunate, new friends to share life with, and if you’re single, who knows you may even find a new soul mate. I did!
The night before my first wife died (after a year of failed chemo) she whispered in my ear " I want you to go bck to Mexico (Lake Chapala) and find a senorita to look after you."
That was the farthist thing from my mind, but that's what happened. She knew I was happy at Lake Chapala and wanted me live there. She even wanted me to find a new soul mate.
So, almost no matter where you find yourself in life, whatever has happened to you in the past (even losing a spouse) your life can be still be better here at safe, beautiful and affordable Lake Chapala, Mexico. Let me know how I can help.
Now, before I sign off, let me give you a mini commercial message.
To get my 10 years plus of living at  at Lake Chapala distilled down into a fun and informative read to help your dreams come true, please go to this link on Amazon.com and consider an investment in “How to Live a Caviar Lifestyle at Safe, Beautiful, & Affordable Lake Chapala, Mexico”
Order soon and be one of the first 50 to buy and I'll send you a free, 30 page color Lake Chapala area street guide, so when you come to visit you can find your way around out charming towns, villages, and developments.
If you’ve already invested, “Mucho Gracias” All for now.
Tu amigo, Sid

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