Why Retiree’s Are Welcomed at Lake Chapala, Mexico

November 19, 2013

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Hi Everyone,

I usually share the wonderful life we live at Ajijic- Lake Chapala here on www.ChapalaClub.com. In a way this post does that too, but in a different way.

I often say you don’t have to speak Spanish here, you get to, since a little Spanish goes a long way.

You should also know that your money goes a long way here as well.

That’s especially true if we use some of it to help the less fortunate of the area.

ExPats have been coming to our area a long time and local people who are now in their 50’s a 60’s have grown up with North Americans living in their communities so we don’t get stared at, we’re accepted and we’re treated as welcome guests.

One reason we’re so accepted is that North Americans have been moving to Ajijic Lake Chapala now for almost six decades.

And, we’ve always been generous with our time, money, and expertise to help the less fortunate among the local people.. especially the children.

Take a look at the below video about just one (likely the oldest) of the charitable groups that give back to those in need.

Please set aside about 10 minutes to see how North Americans are helping  via this group, (Los Ninos de Chapala y Ajijic). 

Thanks in advance.  Tu Amigo, Sid

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Just finished your book and wanted to give you my personal thumbs up on it. Having lived in and traveled Mexico for years at a time, I think I can say with at least a little authority that you’re spot on with your information. I especially like Chapter 9, Culture Code Secrets. If only I had understood the Mexican Sense of Space, as you call it, when I first moved to Mexico I think adapting to my new home would have been simpler if not more gracious on my part. So many of us come from a My Personal Space, My Schedule mindset that it really is challenging to redefine our boundaries. The sooner we manage this, the better! Same goes for time management…learn to roll with it. Life is supposed to be fun!

Keep up the good work amigo

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