Black Tanks at Lake Chapala – Ajijic Mexico

January 10, 2014

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Black Tanks at Lake Chapala – Ajijic, Mexico

What are those big black (sometimes white) plastic tanks you often see on roof tops at Lake Chapala.

Except in some of the upscale gated communities you will likely see large (usually black) plastic tanks adorning roof tops. These tanks act like a mini water towers for the home. The higher the tank, the higher the pressure when you open a water tap inside the home.

The water systems in most neighborhoods only supply water pumped from deep area wells for part of each day. The water typically is stored in a large underground storage tank called an alijibe (Often under the car port or garage slab). It will have a flat steel access door for occasional cleaning as needed.

Inside this tank is a float valve similar to the float ball valve inside the tank on a toilet. As the water level rises the float ball rises and shuts off once the tank is full.

Each home will have an electric water pump that then pumps the water from the cistern to the roof top water tank where it gravity feeds into the house when the home owner open a tap or flushes the toilet.

In the towns and villages where water is controlled by a government office directly the water is treated at the well to to make it potable (but not necessarily drinkable from the tap).

You typically pay the government yearly for the projected use of  water to your home based on the number of bathrooms, and family members. $150 USD per year would be a typical charge.

In some developments a homeowners group  controls a well that supplies water for the neighborhood and this group then pays the government and the home owners group (referred to as a Fracc.) then charges each home a set fee that covers the water and other services like trash pick up, street lights, and road repair.

I live in an older development and pay just $41 USD in pesos for as much water as we want to use, plus that fee covers road repairs, street lights, common area care, water line repairs as needed , security cameras at key points, trash pick up and garden debris pick up.

We have several paid Mexican workers, and a staffed office, Our board of directors and Fracc. president are elected from homeowners who live in our development and volunteer to serve without compensation.

Most developments will work in a similar fashion. Gated communities of course with round the clock security will have higher fees and may meter the water and charge based on actual use.

These systems can easily have a partial or whole house purification system added. A complete whole house system with various carbon and other filters and ultra violet light to kill bacteria can run about $1,000 USD, but of course you need not buy bottled water to drink

In Ajijic, there are six wells under the local water authoritys control (SIMAPA) that supply water to the various areas within Ajijic.

You may be wondering if the home owners are paying for road repairs and street lights what do your yearly property taxes pay for. Well they provide police protection and keep up the streets, sewers etc.
in the cities in the a municipality that we use when there,

 Hard to complain about property taxes here they are so low. Mine have always been lower than $100 USD per year, Yes, you read the number correctly. That’s on my home with three bedrooms , three baths, a 2 car garage, a covered terrace with Lake and Mountain views all on a large lot covered with fruit trees, a rose garden and a giant avocado tree.  All for now, Tu amigo, Sid

By Lucy -

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Thanks for your nice review Lucy, Tu amigo,  Sid



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