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January 3, 2014

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Hi Everyone,

Time to welcome in a New Year. Perhaps this year will be the year that brings you to safe, beautiful, and affordable Lake Chapala, Mexico. Today I want to share a very practical way to receive your mail and packages sent from outside Mexico. And, to send outgoing mail as well.

There are several competing firms, but my favorite is Handy Mail. I checked the other providers like the Franchised ones you’re familiar with from North American. They’re good … and good and expensive too.

A much better option is just across the street at a place called Handy Mail. Larger boxes, lower cost, and faster mail service in most cases. The owner is a North American businessman who is super customer oriented. They provide a USA Street address in Laredo Texas for letters, newspaper and magazine subscriptions. They only accept packages to
their street address at Lake Chapala in San Antonio, Tla. near Ajijic and will hold them for you to pickup.

But wait, as the pitch man says. There’s more. They also have free high speed internet for customer use, a toll free outgoing telephone line for customer use (Surprise the grand kids with a call), and for under a dollar service fee they will send your letter by courier  to the USA where it’s deposited in the US Mail and out to the world from there.

Oh yes, they also sell US Stamps.

You ladies who like Oprah’s magazine and don’t want to pay Mexico newsstand prices for an imported magazine that may or may not be current or you guys who want your Field and Stream or other “guy” magazine or the Wall Street Journal here ‘s how to get them on time and for a lot less than news stand prices in Mexico (High for imported magazines and newspapers).

Just subscribe to your favorite publications and they show up in your Handy Mail large mailbox and you pocket the difference.

So, you can love Lake Chapala, and still love getting  your favorite newspapers and magazines at the same price as in North America.

I’ve personally used Handy Mail for many years and can say that in my experience they’re the best provider of this type of service at Lake Chapala, bar none.

You can even arrange to have a mail box with Handy Mail before you move here so your mail will be here when you arrive. Helps to make a seamless transition for bills, subscriptions etc.

But, please use this trick. DO NOT TURN IN A CHANGE OF ADDRESS FORM AT YOUR North American post office because all your junk mail will follow you here. Print out a form letter of the change in your mailing address to your new Handy Mail address in Laredo, Texas and send a copy to just the mail you want to follow you to your new home here at Lake Chapala.

Click the below link to take you to the Handy Mail Website.


All for now. Siempre tu amigo, Sid .

Praise for “How to Live a Caviar Lifestyle on a Tuna Fish Pension at Safe, Beautiful, and Affordable Lake Chapala, Mexico

‘This book is a great guide to life at Lake Chapala. Mr Grosvenor writing is in a down home and laid back conversational style that is enjoyable to read. The quality of the book is excellent with embossed cover, glossy pages with large print, and a place for notes in the back of the book. I’ll have it with me when we make our first trip to Lake Chapala in 2014. ”




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