International Health Insurance at Lake Chapala Ajijic, Mexico

February 20, 2014

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Hi Everyone

I get a lot of questions about Health Insurance here at Lake Chapala – Ajijic , Mexico.

A while back I did a video interview with Roger Anthony a part time resident here at Lake Chapala.

He has an interesting personal story about how he came to be in the International Health Care business.

So, check out this video …

Now,read a comment posted by Jeff Vadheim with the original article in where he shares his personal experience with this company
• 2 years ago

“I recently signed up for Roger Anthony’s ProtexPlan insurance. The policy was through a British company, IMG. At 62 I got full coverage for $1550 annually with a $2500 deductible ($5000 deductible would have been around $1200.)

It’s one of a variety of types of policies they offer and this plan works best for retirees here in Mexico in that it excludes regular coverage in the US and Canada but while traveling back to either you get coverage for 30 days and it covers you in the rest of the world fully.

The premium is lower because even if you have a serious illness or accident in those two expensive countries, you have time to be stabilized and transported back to the specialists in GDL where you have full ongoing coverage. Anywhere else in the world you could stay put if you wanted to.

Before moving here I was paying $765 a month (!) in Arizona for a $5000 deductible and spotty coverage at best and since I had no pre-existing conditions, I just went bare bones without insurance down here until I met Roger.

I figured I’d keep $20K in the bank and one credit card with a high limit as my only health insurance. The availability of his affordable plan totally changed my mind. A local American physician who trained in GDL and practices here comes to your house to do your physical which does not include any blood drawing.

I know a person in my neighborhood who had pre-existing conditions who was also approved. When I hit Medicare age, to me it would seem logical to keep full coverage down here and forgo any supplement which would require I travel back to the States for any and all treatment at high prices and still with no guarantee I won’t get a bill!”

Disclaimer: I do not receive any referral fee from any sales generated by this article, but provide it as one option for International insurance in our area.

Siempre tu amigo, Sid

This review is from: How to Live A Caviar Lifestyle on a Tuna Fish Pension At Safe, Beautiful & Affordable Lake Chapala, Mexico (Paperback)
I received my copy of the book earlier this week and devoured it in two sessions of reading. Sid’s book has so much valuable information for anyone considering relocating to the Lake Chapala area. I particularly appreciated learning about some of his favorite restaurants. Although we have eaten at Tony’s, we have not visited any of the other restaurants he mentioned. When we visit Ajijic next July, we will definitely follow up on his recommendations. Although we have visited the Wednesday market in Ajijic, we have not experienced the Chapala market; so we are looking forward to that as well. I chuckled when I read the story of the blown engine in his truck, not because of the blown engine, but because I was picturing four adults and two children sitting together in one seat of a pickup truck on a 200-mile journey. I couldn’t help but smile. Sid has confirmed all that we have already learned about the Lake Chapala area and its people, and he has given us new information as well. This book is a great read, and I highly recommend it.

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