The Lake Chapala – Ajijic Couple’s Retirement Puzzle

February 11, 2014

<a href="http:// photo b1745cf9-06d4-4384-a2e1-f183882d3e5a_zps565b3f6a.jpg“>Hi Everyone,

Things change when couples retire. New problems crop up like what to do with all the extra time. Travel is often in the initial plans, but travel these days can be expensive given the costs of hotel rooms, eating food out, Site seeing tours etc. etc.

Should you take on a part time job? One of my dear friends used to say he was considering becoming a WalMart greeter. He had a super nice pension, but died soon after retirement and left his widow very well off.

We just never know what life will throw at us, but that doesn’t mean we should just “let stuff happen” either.

A nice vacation to start your retirement years is not a bad idea, but unless you have a very large pension (like my departed friend) this is not something you can do all that often.

I want to suggest a learning vacation to you that will not cost an arm and a leg and unlike most vacations could save you a bundle over the rest of your retirement life.

I want to suggest that you consider a check us out vacation to Lake Chapala – Ajijic, Mexico. Many who relocate here find that travel in Mexico is their cup of tea and comparatively very inexpensive. Others feel like just living in our area is like being on perpetual vacation (eating out as often as you like at upscale restaurants, inexpensive travel, massages for under $15 USD, very low cost servants so you can have a beautiful garden and a spick and span clean home) to make you feel like you’re living the lifestyle of the ‘Rich and Famous’, but on a retirement pension.

Someone out there just said, “But, Mexico is filled with violence and I hear it’s not safe to live there.”

Well, some parts of Mexico are not that safe, but so are parts of the USA and Canada. Mexico is a very large country and most of it is very safe. I will not bore you with the crime stats, but if this is a concern please check them.

Our area is particularly safe at Lake Chapala. (Email me or let’s talk by phone and I can enlighten you about safety issues. As a former Dallas Police Commander (35 years) I take personal safety very seriously.

Now, before we move on I have a disclaimer. Our area of Mexico is NOT
RIGHT FOR EVERYONE. But, it is very right for most retirees. Again I can share with you by e mail or telephone just who our area is not right for.

However, if you’re reading this I suspect you’re not one of those it’s not right for. Those folks have likely already clicked away or never opened this article.

You may not be sure you’ll fit in. Most everyone that comes here finds that they will indeed fit in here. We’re from all walks of life, from all economic levels, and from all over the world with most being from the USA and Canada, but we all are willing to try something a bit different and share similar values.

The big draw for Lake Chapala – Ajijic is the great weather (Like Hawaii but without the humidity and so many bugs and the skyrocket high prices there), but there’s so much more.

There are well over 50 English speaking organizations, but no pressure to join any of them. Most folks belong to at least a few of them, but if lying in a hammock all day, most days is your cup tea, that’s fine too.

No pressure here to be a social butterfly. Some folks are always busy with this group or that club and have a very stimulating social life, because there are so many of us, with the largest growing group being the “Baby Boomers”.

But, if you’re either older or even younger than the Baby Boomer group
you will still find that you still will fit in well, because we all think out of the box to some degree or we would not be living at Lake Chapala, Mexico.

So, let’s find out if Lake Chapala – Ajijic might be a good fit for you.

Send me an e mail with your most pressing questions to

If you have lots of questions it’s probably better for us to schedule
a telephone chat on my nickel. Just send me an e mail with your time zone, your telephone number and the best time in your time zone to call.

I look forward to helping you decide if Lake Chapala – Ajijic may be right for you. By the way this offer is also open to those of you who have already visited here, but still have some questions.

All for now, Siempre tu amigo, Sid

Email for more information:

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