Valentine’s Day at Lake Chapala

February 14, 2014

Like in the USA Valentine’s day is celebrated on February 14th at Lake Chapala with a bit of a twist.
In Spanish, Día de San Valentin, but usually called El Día del Amor y la Amistad, the “day of love and friendship “is a popular day at Lake Chapala.
Like in the USA people give flowers, candies and balloons to the romantic love of their life, but also use the day to show appreciation for friends.
Perhaps the reason is that Mexican people are inclusive rather than exclusive. Typically parties that North Americans might reserve for close family and friends, Mexican people would also invite neighbors to as well. The idea is more or less…” the more the merrier”.
They use these opportunities to show appreciation to the people they care about – this way, there’s no reason to feel left out, even if you’re between significant others.
The Mexican people love romance and in fact have a number of ways to express the idea in Spanish.
A good example is that there are two ways to say, “I love You.”
You can say, “Te quiero” which is used frequently with both family and friends; and then there’s te amo”. Te amo is much stronger and reserved for serious romantic relationships as a rule..
Mexico in general, and Lake Chapala in particular is the perfect place to say I love you … or even to become bride and groom. I’ve watched two good friends get married with our beautiful Lake as the perfect backdrop for their wedding vows.
Hey, that could be a great idea for you if you’re close to getting married or would like to recommit your life to your significant other. Consider doing so at Beautiful Lake Chapala, Mexico.
Finally here’s a bit of Valentine Video Fun for you from my Valentine and I to wish you a Happy Valentine Day in Dance.
Check out our moves by watching the video we made just for you.

All for now, Siempre tu amigo, Sid y Arcelia

  • Arlene Cooney

    So cute and so funny Sid – Happy Valentine’s day to you and Arcelia!!  See you in April – finally coming down for good – Yay!!

  • Yvonne

    Forget real estate, Sid.  You two need to get on the pro tour!  Loved it.
    Thanks, Yvonne

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Thanks Yvonne, Too busy for the pros, but thanks for your kind words. Tu amigo, Sid

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Thanks Arlene from Arcelia and I. Tell your Valentine there “Hola” for us.

    Tu amigo, Sid y Arcelia

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