The Importance of Dreaming of Lake Chapala – Ajijic

March 27, 2014

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Hi Everyone,

I’m a strong believer in ‘getting started.’ Before getting started however we usually have a dream of what we want our future to be like

It’s easy to get started on your Lake Chapala dreams, because you don’t need to know everything about Lake Chapala to get started on a potential wonderful new life here.

We all learn best I think by doing, but with a capable guide at our side. That’s where our website , our book, “How to Live a Caviar Lifestyle on a Tuna Fish Pension at Safe, Beautiful, and Affordable Lake Chapala, Mexico”, our coaching calls with me,   and our area and home tours all come into play as needed.

My mentor Jack Canfield has taught me that a major first step is “identifying who you are”, and “understanding your personal tendencies.” (I’d add having a dream before all else.)

With this as a start you can create an action plan that’s right for you. Together we can work out a detailed action plan for you. As you likely know by now, I’m not a fast talking, pushy type. I run the other way from those types. I suspect you do too. Just let me know how you like to be helped. I can lead you by the hand, give you pointers, or wait for your questions.

You learn by doing. But, preceding the doing part, I recommend that to get off on the  right foot that you take a few minutes and identify who you are “really” and understanding your personal tendencies. This will help you to create an action plan that’s right for you .

I’d like to be part of that action plan. I can help unlock the secret doors for successful living at Lake Chapala, but it  starts with you understanding yourself, and sharing your thoughts and dreams with me.

I’ve spent a lot of money with professional business coaches to help me with my own dreams and motivation, as my guide and to hold me accountable, so I can meet my goals and dreams.

OK, now it’s decision time. That’s where you come in. You have to decide to move forward on your dreams to make them a reality.

My life here used to be a dream. Finding just the right home here was one of my dreams. Becoming a successful Buyer’s Only Realtor here  was another dream. Having an Authority Lake Chapala website that Google loves was another dream. Writing a fun and authoritative book to reach many more people and share my love of Lake Chapala – Ajijic was just a dream a little over a year ago and now it’s become  a  5 STAR book  on So, dreams do come true.

Are my dreams over? Not by a long shot. Don’t let your dreams slip away. Dare to dream. I can help, but you have to get the ball rolling by sending me an e mail and sharing your dreams about Lake Chapala – Ajijic with me, so I can help you make your dreams come true.

Send me an e mail to and  title it “Dreams” to get the fastest response from me. I’ll response just as soon as I can.. promise.

Tu amigo, Sid

Email for more information:

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