Your Lake Chapala – Ajijic Questions Answered

March 4, 2014

Hi Everyone, I get lots of questions via e mail everyday.

First Thanks to everyone who send in questions. I enjoy answering them all. Keep them coming.

That being said I plan to answer more of them here on our membership site. The latest questions I just received and my answers are below.

Is North American TV programing available?
Yes, US & Canadian TV programing is available via  Shaw Direct
Sat. service from Canada.

A large part of their programing is from the USA, as well as Canada
some French.

Local providers can get you subscribed.

Are medical insurance plans available here for Retirees?

Medical Insurance is available from a couple of providers here at rates
better than the USA. People who have Blue Cross in the USA are able to
use their coverage here… and without the 20% co pay. Hospitals here bill
Blue Cross via a California affiliate.

I signed up for Medicare Part A years ago when I turned 62 so according to the Affordable Care Act I have coverage and do not have to enroll. Part A is hospitalization and I do not have to pay premiums.

I’m in the Mexican Government plan (IMSS) which is now almost impossible for North Americans to get into. They’re slowly going broke. A new series of clinics is replacing this plan, but service is spotty. Some gringos rely on this or use it to supplement what ever coverage they have.

It’s basically free with small fees for lab work etc. Retirees here
on Temporary or Permanent Visas qualify to use this system.

Great Local low cost doctors and prescriptions with discounts for seniors here too. Just sign up for a discount card.

Can I drive to Lake Chapala from the Texas border?

Yes, a lot of people do this, but fewer now, since if you have a Temporary or Permanent visa you can’t have a USA plated car in Mexico. This means you’d have to convert your car to Mexican plates before entering Mexico.

The trip is mostly by Toll Roads, Safe, and pretty much pain free. If you decide to make the trip by car here from the border there’s a lot more info I need to share.

There are border brokers who make this a lot easier, but the costs can be high overall at around $2,000. So more and more North Americans are buying a Mexican plated car here in Mexico.

I can advise more on this process if you decide this is the way to go.

Airport Transportation: Can I take a bus to Lake Chapala from the Airport?

Taking a bus is possible from the highway in front of the airport, but
I don’t advise it. It’s probably about a mile to the main highway from the terminal. Major hassle with luggage unless you’re fit and not carrying much luggage.

Then of course having pesos to pay the driver and communicating with him in Spanish and then you arrive at the Chapala Bus station and would need a taxi from there to your overnight accommodations.

Ask about our affordable Airport Pick Up Service. We meet you with a smile and a sign with your name on it. We drive a nice Ford Explorer with lots of room for your luggage.

All for this edition of Questions for Sid, Tu amigo, Sid

  • Arch Crane

    A driver to the airport

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