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August 7, 2014

Hi Everyone,

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Welcome to ChapalaClub.com if you’re a new member, and if you’re an old timer (so to speak) welcome as well. Thanks for stopping by.

Sometimes I like to project ahead and imagine what my life will be like at some point in the future. Experts believe that this is a good practice. That if you expect it to be positive, your brain will subconsciously work to make the imagined life come to fruition.

So, I would like you to do a bit of imaginative thinking with me.

Imagine it’s a year or so from now and you’ve moved to Lake Chapala – Ajijic and are very happy you made the move. You know, it was one of the best decisions you ever made.

However, in the last few weeks your friends back in the USA or Canada have been e mailing you and complaining much more than usual.

They’re all in a sour mood, complaining about the still-struggling economy, about how their pension buys less and less each month, or that if they’re still working, they see no way to retire as their pay check is barely keeping up with inflation.

They’re afraid if they retire now, that their pension will not provide the retirement life they had hoped for. One even remarked to the effect that if they retired now, they’d have to eat a lot of Tuna Fish sandwiches, because they could not afford to eat out at a nice restaurant, except on rare occasions.

The unfortunate truth is your friends have reason to complain. Their paychecks or retirement checks buy less than ever. Their home values have still not recovered from pre-crisis levels (especially if they take inflation into account).

Some, are even worried about losing their jobs as companies downsize and outsource more of their work.

You listen with sympathy and you think “That could have been me.”

You feel very fortunate. Why?

Because you decided to think out of the box a little. You moved to Lake Chapala – Ajijic rather than continue to struggle back home.

The result, you’re doing better than ever, your health has improved, your attitude toward life is better, you’ve made new like minded friends, and you can afford what I call a Caviar Lifestyle on a Tuna Fish Pension.

In short, you’re having the time of your life and your only regret is that you did not take action sooner.

This scenario is NOT A FAIRY TAIL

I see it happening regularly. Variations of it have come true for many of my clients.

If this little exercise even remotely resembles your situation; we should talk.

I want to help you make your retirement dreams come true.

The words of a song come to mind. The best I remember the lyrics it goes something like this.

“Here is the best part; you’ll have a head start, if you’re among the very young at heart.”

Now here’s where advertisers typically put in what they term, “A Call to Action”, So, this is YOUR CALL to ACTION.

Just send me an e mail to Sid@ChapalaClub.com and let’s get a conversation going about your next step in achieving your dream life.

I believe it might just be right here at Safe, Beautiful, and Affordable Lake Chapala – Ajijic, Mexico.

Let’s find out, I promise to tell it like it is “warts” and all.

Siempre tu amigo, Sid

Email for more information:

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