Can Clean Lake Chapala – Ajijic Air Lengthen Your Life?

September 25, 2014

Hi Everyone,

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I subscribe to “Senior Outlook Today”. Yes, I admit to bring a Senior, but my friends tell me I act more like a Youthful Baby Boomer. Well, I may have the answer to why they tell me that.

I found it in a September 12, 2014 article by Carlos Gendron, “Clean Indoor Air Leads to Healthier Lives for Seniors”.

The article tells about ways to improve indoor air so it’s more like healthier outdoor air.

I had to almost laugh, because I immediately thought, “Well I can’t improve my indoor air at my Lake Chapala home to be more like outdoor weather, because it’s “already the same as the outdoor weather here”, since I have neither central air or heat; and just regulate the indoor temperature by opening and closing my windows as needed.

OK, one more quote from Mr. Gendron.
“Seniors are even more at risk, due to weaker immune systems, and often the reduced opportunity for movement and outdoor activity. As a result, they are exposed for far longer periods to the harmful effects of poor indoor air quality. Additionally, due to their age, their respiratory systems are not as robust, and therefore would benefit greatly from cleaner, fresher, contaminants-free air.
 photo 6dcea782-df61-4e75-974c-66e666843212_zps77502857.png
Perhaps that’s one of the many reasons here that both Seniors and Baby Boomers feel so good all the time because Lake Chapala is noted for it’s fresh clean mountain air.

Some folks describe the effect of living at Lake Chapala as their ‘Fountain of Youth’. Now they can also describe living here as a “Breath of Youthful Life!”

But, you get the “Total Package” when you move here, not just the great weather with clean mountain air, but you get what our doctors tell us we need to stay young. They say,”Eat Fresh Fruits and Veggies, Stay active Socially, and be sure and Get Regular Exercise”.

If course, you could do these things North of the Border, but not as easily and likely much more expensively than here at Lake Chapala – Ajijic, Mexico.

Honestly, I don’t feel a day older than when I moved here over a decade ago.

Come see for yourself. Want to know more? We can set up a “telephone chat on my dime”. Just drop me an e mail to and let me answer your questions about living, working and playing here at safe, beautiful and affordable Lake Chapala – Ajijic Mexico.

Just put

    “Let’s Talk”

as your subject line.

    Tu amigo, Sid

  • dave

    The air may be clean however we need to watch out for the drug cartel stray bullets and fires.

  • Susan

    Dave, do u live there? Have u seen drug cartel activity there? I ask as my husband and I our going to Chapala Mexico to see if it’s the place for us to retire, and so far from all I have spoken to who have gone there, they have not seen any such activity there.

  • Susan

    Sid, I emailed u but did not title it as new adventure. I hope u read it among your many messages. We are coming to check out Chapala very soon.

  • Sid

    Hi Susan, Thanks for your comments. Glad you’ve decided to come for a visit.
    We had some drug related violence to Mexico nationals a few years ago. Nothing since I’m aware of. None involved North Americans. The USA news likes to link any drug violence even though miles away with a phrase like, ” (Violent act of some type) occurred (___ ) miles from popular North American retirement community of Lake Chapala”

    Otherwise it’s not of any interest to North American readers so they do their best to somehow tie any drug violence to North Americans living anywhere in Mexico. Hope this helps put your mind at rest. Tu amigo, Sid

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Again Susan, Great News. I spent the weekend in Guad. with Mexican family/ Trying to catch up e mails now. Thanks, Tu amigo, Sid

  • Mitzi

    I just have to share my thoughts about this drug cartel thing. I visited lake Chapala 3 years ago and also Manzanillo, Guadalajara for a period of 1 month. Their are killings and shootings everyday in the U.S.A over and over again, kidnappings, missing children. Lets say the cartel drug dealers in the states were killing and murdering in Iowa and Nebraska and on their borders, does that mean I won’t want to live in florida? because it’s in the USA? and the drug cartel can get to me? Or I don’t want to move to Texas because it’s in the USA where they are killing people. Mexico is vast territory with many cities and towns far from all of this. However if you plan on doing drugs and get into the party scene with drug dealers then I would say look out for the cartel and the police over there because one way or another you will probably end up dead.
    Otherwise go and enjoy the beauty that is out there and the wonderful people. I’m getting ready to quit my job and so is my husband and we are coming down there to bring my mother also and care for her where it is more affordable, suitable and beneficial for her this year.

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