Lake Chapala – Ajijic: Great Place For Fun & Profit!

September 11, 2014

Lake Chapala – Ajijic: A Great Place for Fun and Profit

Hi Everyone,

 photo af871e2f-d407-48cc-b764-d10f0647fd02_zpsec5b8d29.png

The above home is for rent at the equal of $1,800 USD per month in a beautiful gated community.

I love to tell people about the wonderful lives we lead here at Lake Chapala and how blessed I feel to live here.

But today, I want to talk about another advantage of owning property here at Lake Chapala – Ajijic.

I think investing in real estate is a wise decision. I’ve owned Up to 7 rental units at the same time in Texas. I’m down to just 2 now and plan to sell one of them this year or early next.

I’m also giving serious thought to investing in real estate here at Lake Chapala above and beyond my own home I bought 10 years ago.

It’s was a great decision. I read in various investment sites that owning a piece of property in a foreign country is one of the smartest things you could do with your money right now.

Real estate at Lake Chapala is a hard asset that, unlike stocks and bonds, can’t disappear altogether.

Real Estate here at Lake Chapala, like a real estate investment anywhere, benefits from capital appreciation while it provides you a wonderful place to retire when you’re ready.

Some folks are diversifying now and buying a home here to use as a rental property until they’re ready to retire and move here.

We have professional management firms in the area to handle absentee owned rental property that are trustworthy so you do not have to worry with finding tenants, lease contracts, security deposits and utility bills.

Think of it as diversification that generates cash income on a monthly basis.

It also diversifies your money beyond US markets and outside the dollar.

I’m not a tax advisor or professional investment advisor, but from what I’ve learned from what I consider reliable sources foreign property holdings can be kept private.

I’m told that Americans are not required to report foreign property holdings to the IRS, not even on IRS Form 8938.

In a former life I was an attorney, and in today’s lawsuit happy mentality USA I believe that foreign property ownership is among one of the safest assets, as an American that you can own.

A U.S. plaintiff or creditor would likely not even waste their time trying to seize foreign owned real estate to satisfy their USA judgment.

So, to summarize, you could invest in real property here at Lake Chapala as a future retirement property for investment today for diversification, safety, and an annual rental yield.

Then, when you’re ready for retirement full time it could easily evolve into a retirement home here in paradise.

In the meantime when not rented use the property as a vacation getaway home and taste our good life here.

All for now, Tu amigo, Sid

P.S. E mail me for more Info:

  • DonMiguel2

    Hmmmm. $1,800 USD for a monthly rent payment isn’t living on a tuna fish budget….

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi DonMiguel2, No, it’s not, But you can rent a a 2 bedrm. apt. here for $300 USD with water bill paid. in Chapala (the city) and have a nice lunch for about $3.50 USD, and hire a maid or gardener for $4 USD per hour … and I call that living on a Tuna Fish Pension. Sure, there’s no limit on how much you “could” spend, but you
    really can live a good life here on what most would call a Tuna Fish Pension.

    Come on down and see for yourself. Tu amigo, Sid

  • wayne

    Hi Sid- are there any singles clubs or mixers in the Lake Chapala area to meet interesting people?

  • Sid Grosvenor

    There’s a Singles Mingles group. The Lake Chapala Society in Ajijic

    publicizes on the Actives Bulletin board. Here’s a quote about this group.

    “Welcome to the LCS Singles Group

    The LCS Singles group is THE place at Lakeside to meet and get to know other singles. The group creates and organizes a wide variety of diverse and interesting events and experiences for its members to share.

    Through their participation in singles events, members have forged numerous close friendships and active rewarding social lives.

    Events include day trips, lake cruises, parties, picnics, socials, and visits to a wide variety of interesting area locations.

    Join today, and invite your single friends!

    Visit our blog today to see a listing of upcoming events. While you’re there, sign up on the “CONTACT US” page to receive updates on activities and events by email!”

    Let us know here what you discover. Good hunting! Tu amigo, Sid

Email for more information:

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