Getting High at Lake Chapala, Mexico

October 3, 2014

Hi Everyone, Well, there are lots of ways to get high at Lake Chapala.

You may have thought when you read the title I meant perhaps smoking a bit
of weed. No doubt in private a little of that goes on, but no we don’t have a drug problem at Lake Chapala.

We do have a few Gringo Watering Holes, But, that’s not the type of “High” I meant either.

There are some fantastic Emotional Highs we get regularly just looking at the beautiful seasonal changes when the whole area just seems to be dripping with color in the Spring of our year. Of course having spring like weather all year long means there’s always something blooming, since the growing season is all year long. That keeps me personally “Up” and “Energetic” throughout the year.

I particularly like it when the mountains that surround us here begin to put on their spring dress of amazing colors. With the all year around growing season it’s easy to have a great garden (we call our yards gardens here), because most “yards” are filled with flower beds, blooming plants and trees.

So, if you love gardens, you can live in a near a “Garden of Eden” but without the snakes (thankfully it’s not that tropical here).

I have several very large trees in my “garden” including a bearing three story tall Acocado tree. We can’t begin to eat all the avocados it produces so we share with family, friends, and our gardener, Juan. (His real name)

We have one tree that’s at least 4 stories tall in our rear yard and it was producing too much shade so it was time to give it a “hair cut”.

It was time, to “Get High” here at our home in Lake Chapala to the tune of well over 40 feet.

I’ve been known to play lumber jack with a chain saw in days gone by living in East Texas among the pine trees, but not at the top of a forty foot ladder.

So, it was time to call in a pro. A local man with the right equipment, the right skill set, and the right price, to get high in my behalf, and give a major haircut to our tallest tree.

His fee for two half days of hard work including clean up and hauling away all the resulting logs (We use a gas log fireplace .. not the real stuff, so we did not need the logs) was about $60 USD. That was for the cutter and his 2 helpers. Oh, yes, they cleaned up nicely too.

The required government permit was approx. $42 USD. (In Mexico trees are an asset of the people of Mexico, even if they’re in your yard). So, if you want to cut down or do major trimming as we needed to do, you pay the government a fee as the people’s representative.

Check out the photo below of our guy at work more than 4 stories above the ground, chain saw in hand. All for now, Tu amigo, Sid

 photo e8eff0bc-6603-4e05-9453-f34c6a4e387e_zps35a28551.jpg

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