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January 27, 2015

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Hi Everyone, I pride myself on doing what’s right for my clients… even if it costs me a sale. I sleep very soundly as a result.
You see, like some of my colleagues I don’t have a house full of “hungry kids” to feed. I have a nice pension and live very well on it here at Lake Chapala where it goes a long way.

So, yes, I’m blessed, but since before moving here over a decade ago I was in the service business as a Police Officer and later an Attorney. You would think I would have had enough of the service business.. and being up to my eyeballs in other people’s problems.

Well, I don’t miss the problems of those professions, but I missed the “helping people part”.

After retiring and moving to Guadalajara I taught English there for a year where I met the second love of my life.

We married and moved to Lake Chapala and life has been great ever since. After finding the right home and getting settled in I found that
I missed “helping people” and so … since I had been a part time real estate broker in Texas I went to work here as a Realtor.. and 10 years plus later I’m still at it and still enjoying it.

One of my biggest thrills is when someone sincerely thanks me for helping them to find their “place in the sun”. I’m gotten numerous nice
“Thank You Notes” over the years from lots of people I’ve helped. Today I’d like you to see the latest “Thank You” and one of the absolute best I’ve ever received from a client in some time. So, please read his recent e mail to me below.(unsolicited).

” Sid -

I have been meaning to do this, write a kind of review of you and your process, for some time. I apologize, but there is so much to do here that I just haven’t taken the time. I hope that this helps people better understand what you do and just how helpful it really is. So, an “open letter” to anyone thinking of coming to the Lake Chapala area to buy or rent:

I found Lake Chapala accidentally while googling for other information about retirement locations. Though I had been in Mexico many times I had never come across it before. One of the very first things I saw was a posting by Sid Grosvenor about living here.

Needing a vacation we decided to come down to Lake Chapala, look around and see if we might be interested in buying, to live full time, or just renting a place to warm up during Winter in the US.

The best thing I did, in conjunction with that trip, was take advantage of Sid’s offer to show us around and help in the process. Sid is a Buyer’s Only agent so has no stake in what house you might buy and takes no commission from the buyer. Based on that we felt it couldn’t hurt to have someone knowledgeable help out.

You cannot imagine how well that turned out. Over the span of our two week stay Sid took us up and down along the lake to see more homes than I can now remember. But, beyond that, he was indispensable in filling in detail about everything you would want and need. Of course he talked about shopping, food and things to do. He introduced us to several restaurants and markets, on and on.

Critically though, he supplied information about what to look for and look out for in the homes we saw which really helped prevent us making a major misstep here and there, as well as how the buying process would work and who to use for inspections and closing.

He based what he showed us on two simple ideas: what did we like in homes, neighborhoods, etc. and what we wanted to see, whether it fit our other criteria or not. It was great.

We never felt one moment of pressure to buy any single home or any home at all for that matter. He made it clear Lake Chapala might not be for everyone and, if it wasn’t for us, all well and good. He even showed us a house we’d seen on the Internet … even though he really thought it wasn’t right for us. Before we saw it we thought it would literally be fantastic, after we understood completely why he had been hesitant. It was terrible.

The whole experience was actually fun. We did end up buying a home, love at first sight and really wonderful. Sid was there with us at every step helping and advising. It was much simpler, thanks to him, than my last purchase in the US had been.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sid Grosvenor. Come visit, talk with Sid, make new friends.” signed, Michael T.

  • BobInMo

    Hi Sid, This is Bob S, I don’t know if you remember me, I visited you a couple years ago, and Yes, you truly are a very helpful gentleman.

    While I decided to return to Colombia as my second home when it’s cold and hot in the U.S., my visit and experience with you was VERY REWARDING!

    Thanks for the great learning experience,

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Bob, Thanks for the nice “at a boy “. You helped make my day. Please stay in touch, We’re here when you’re ready. Tu amigo, Sid

  • vest martin

    Hello Sid,
    my name is Vest martin, do you know a computer tech in Gaud that, that can reset my security system, on my 1998 chyrsler sebring, HELP PLEASE< It happened before , and i lost the guys number, 2 years ago.

    thanks, MY MAN

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Sorry Vest, I don’t know of anyone in Guad. We have several auto
    repair shops that might be able to help here. Hope his helps, Tu amigo, Sid

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