A Quote from IL Magazine About Lake Chapala

March 19, 2015

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Hi Everyone,
Guess who was quoted (anonymously) recently by International Living in an article about retiring to Mexico written by Susan Haskins?

If you replied “Sid Grosvenor” you are on the money. I was flattered that she lifted the below quote from a recent post on www.ChapalaClub.com.

“As a retired police officer and attorney from Dallas says about the Lake Chapala area (the most popular expat retirement enclave in Mexico) where he lives, if you spend wisely, you can have a “caviar lifestyle on a tuna fish pension.

For a couple, he says,

“I think if your home is paid for here you can live a very nice lifestyle on $1500 a month. The more you have above this the more luxury you will have. Remember, your property taxes will be a small fraction of North American taxes (mine have always been under $99), and you will likely save on utilities given the temperate climate, and the lack of crazy weather…no hurricanes, typhoons, floods or major earthquakes means you don’t need to insure again weather disasters.

Very few people carry fire insurance given the near fireproof construction; and the homes are built with security in mind so many folks don’t carry break-in insurance either. I carry NONE of the above and pocket the savings.

Best of all, Mexico offers a retirement discount program that offers all foreign residents some very nice discounts.”

Susan continues…
“As our friend from Chapala adds, “With free discount cards for folks 60 and over you save on a variety of goods and services. Half price fares on the luxury buses allows you to have affordable vacations all over Mexico, and more…”
That ends the quoted portion of my recent article.
I’ll include the next paragraph of Susan’s rather lengthy article to put a nice cap on this part of the post.

Susan continues…”But I know what you’re thinking? Isn’t Mexico dangerous? The truth may surprise you…
My name is Suzan Haskins. I’m an editor for International Living, which has been researching and reporting on retirement in Mexico for 35 years now. We would never suggest that you retire in any place that wasn’t safe.”

  • Miles Henderson

    Sid, How do I get one of the free discount cards? Also if I am going to stay for 4 or 6 months should I apply for some sort of Mexican credit card to avoid service charges or use cash all the time? Miles H.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Miles, You must be a resident of Mexico and apply at a DIF (Mexican
    government office), Must be 62 or older to qualify,

    Good for discounts of 5% on prescription meds, Over time that can be a nice discount. The last I knew the card was free, Take a bi lingual person with you to help you apply. Not sure where the DIF office is now, since they move from time to time.
    Tu amigo, Sid

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