The Story of the Lake Chapala Lawnmower

March 24, 2015

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Hi Everyone,

Sid Grosvenor here with a bit of a different story for you today. Today, I’m going to turn the post over to my lawnmower… yes, you heard me right. Of course I’ll do the writing for him but it’s “his story” more than mine, but I think this is what he would say, if only he could give voice to it.

I say “he” because in my experience most of the “lawn cutting” that gets done is usually by a “he”. Now I know that there must be a few of you ladies reading this post and at least some of you may be thinking,  ” I cut my own grass.” OK, no offense intended, but here is Mexico the roles of men and women are still more traditional. I’ve not run across a female gardener in all my days in Mexico nor a male housekeeper.

I do admit to helping my Mexican wife with the housework, but more recently we’ve hired a young lady to do the “heavy lifting” part of our house cleaning, like mopping almost 2000 sq. ft. of tile floors. We’re blessed to have her and she feels blessed to be able to supplement her household budget.

OK, here’s Mister Mower:

Hi, Everyone,  First, I want to thank Sid for giving me this platform to tell you guys about we lawn mowers. Yes, I speak English, because my owner before Sid was also a “gringo” ( I use the term affectionately), but of course I speak Spanish too, since the man that works with me to keep Sid’s yard looking tip top only speaks Spanish. He’s a great guy named Juan.

Now a few years ago when I was sick and almost ready to give up and needed a complete “overhaul” I heard Sid was thinking of replacing me  for a newer model… and that would mean I’d be relegated to the lawn mover grave yard.

Sure, I needed a couple of new parts and could use some new wheels to get around better… but I knew that with a minor makeover that in the USA would be major dinero, that most owners would be thinking “Time for a replacement.”  

Of course I knew that “para poco dinero” I would  be as good as new and could continue my life’s work making yards look great for many years to come.

I think that Juan sensed my dispair since he and I had been partners for over a decade and so he urged Sid to give me a mechanical makeover. I don’t look a lot better now than before, but boy, now I can cut up a storm.

I received some new wheels, a tune up, and even a new handlebar part. OK, so it is painted black and my old one was chrome, but had been broken and re-welded several times before.

No, I’m not mad at Sid. He just didn’t know back then that here in Mexico it’s almost always a lot less expensive to repair or fix thing than to buy new, but he’s learning more all the time.  So, I want to “thank him” for giving me voice to share with you guys the better, less expensive way to save even more at Lake Chapala (and give us old guys a new lease on life.)

You’re very welcome Mr. Mower, Thank YOU for your many years of service !

So, there’s your Lake Chapala Lesson for today. In North American when a product breaks it’s often less expensive to throw it away and buy a replacement , but usually this is not the case in Mexico.

Heck, I still drive my 1997 Ford Explorer with over 200,000 miles on it, that  like me has since become a Mexican citizen. I have new credentials and my Ford has a new Mexican title and Jalsico license plates.  We’ve both been reborn as Mexicanos.

If you need help with learning the “ins” and “outs” of discovering a new life at Lake Chapala, Mexico I’d like to be of service.

Just drop me an E Mail to and let’s get started, All for now.  Siempre tu Amigo, Sid


  • Fred

    Good story, Sid. I had a similar experience with the lawnmower that came with the house you helped us buy in San Juan Cosalá. We (our gardener Irineo and I) were able to keep it functional in spite of its aging nature, long after it would have been discarded if it were North of the Border. Replaced the wobbly wheels, replaced the muffler a couple of times, repaired the starter cord, the push handle, etc. Finally the wheel axles came loose from the housing and we had to replace it.

  • Beth Barnes

    I love the idea of fixing rather than throwing it away. Am really looking forward to my trip to Ajijic June 2 to June 10. Hope to meet alot of ex-pats then

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