Just what is Ajijic, Mexico ?

October 1, 2015

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  Hi Everyone, I recently got an e mail form a Club Member asking the below question>

“Dear Sid,
” I will be visiting Lake Chapala, specifically Ajijic, in November to see if it is all I hope it to be, so I can immigrate early in 2016.  Right now, I wonder if you would be so kind as to explain  the differences between, Ajijic, Ajijic Village, West Ajijic, and Upper Ajijic? “
Here’s my explanation.
Ajijic – Would include all Ajijic areas.
Ajijic Village – Would include everything inside the legal boundaries of Ajijic.
West Ajijic – The area that may or may not be inside the official boundaries of
Ajijic, but would be West of “Colon” . Colon is a North South street.
Some use the term to identify the area just West of the village of Ajijic,
Upper Ajijic – The area North of the Carretera (The Carretera is the word that
translates “road” or light highway.
We have a Carretera that runs West from
Chapala (The small city)  and “county seat” (municipo) on out to Jocotepec
(another  town and Municipal area.
Jocotepec is on the North Shore of Lake Chapala at the extreme West end
of the Lake. 
Jocotepec is pronounced  ” Ho Co teh peck”
Homes and land inside the village of Ajijic are significantly more expensive than outside of the village of Ajijic.
All of Ajijic is inside the Municipo of Chapala (like a county in the USA) , as are the towns
of San Antonio de Tlayacapan , and of course the city of Chapala.
People from the USA and Canada live in all of the above. areas
Ajijic in general is more “liberal” in the political sense than Chapala. The Lake Chapala
Society  is inside the village of Ajijic, The American Legion is inside the city of Chapala.
Chapala  as a “county seat” includes Chapala (the city) ,San Antonio Tlayacapan,
the city (usually just referred to as San Antonio), and Ajijic.
At some point driving along the Carretera West  from Ajijic you pass into the (County)
of Jocotepec.
There are some villages past this point where a few North Americans live, but before
arriving at the extreme West end of Lake Chapala to the city of Jocotepec where
North Americans live as well.
In short Americans (from the USA) and Canadians live in all of the above areas. A very few retirees live on the South Side of Lake Chapala in or near small towns and villages on the South side of Lake Chapala.”
” I have been looking at rental costs and homes listings, but nowehre can I  find an explaination of how the areas differ.  Then how does Ajijic in general differ from Chapala ?”
“All else equal Chapala home prices are less expensive (I would think rentals as well) than
San Antonio, Tla and all of Ajijic.
Home buyers and home renters pay more in general to live in the village of Ajijic or close to it.
I personally have chosen to live in a development called “Chapala Haciendas” which is on the highway that goes from Chapala (the city) to the International Airport and on to Guadalajara.
I can be in Chapala (the city) in about 5 minutes and in San Antonio, Tla, in  about 7 minutes and Ajijc (the city) in about 10 minutes.”
All for now, friends? Do You have a question about Living at Lake Chapala? Let me hear from you, Tu amigo, Sid

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